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openAccess2016 Front Micb-07-01677.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2016Expandin Cyanobacterial Nitrogen Regulatory Network: The GntR-Like Regulator PlmA Interacts with the PII-PipX ComplexLabella, Jose I.; Obrebska, Anna; Espinosa, Javier; Salinas, Paloma; Forcada-Nadal, Alicia ; Tremino-Agulló, Lorena ; Rubio, Vicente  ; Contreras, Asunciónartículo
openAccessBBA 2012-1819-00382.pdf.jpg28-Jan-2012Insights into the mechanism of activation of the phosphorylation-independent response regulator NblR. Role of residues Cys69 and Cys96Espinosa, Javier; López-Redondo, Marisa ; Neira, José L.; Marina, Alberto  ; Contreras, Asunciónartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014PipX, the coactivator of NtcA, is a global regulator in cyanobacteriaEspinosa, Javier; Lanza, Val F. ; Cruz, Fernando de la ; Contreras, Asunciónartículo
openAccess2017 Front Microbiol 08-01244.pdf.jpg11-Jul-2017PipY, a Member of the Conserved COG0325 Family of PLP-Binding Proteins, Expands the Cyanobacterial Nitrogen Regulatory Network.Labella, José I.; Cantos, Raquel; Espinosa, Javier; Forcada-Nadal, Alicia ; Rubio, Vicente  ; Contreras, Asunciónartículo
openAccess2010 PNAS 107-15397 vers aut.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2010Structural basis for the regulation of NtcA-dependent transcription by proteins PipX and PIILlácer, José Luis  ; Espinosa, Javier; Castells, Miguel A.; Contreras, Asunción; Forchhammer, Karl; Rubio, Vicente  artículo
openAccessTremino2017_FEBSletters.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2017Studies on cyanobacterial protein PipY shed light on structure, potential functions, and vitamin B6 -dependent epilepsy.Tremino-Agulló, Lorena ; Forcada-Nadal, Alicia ; Contreras, Asunción; Rubio, Vicente  artículo
openAccess2007 PNAS 104-17644_vers aut.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2007The crystal structure of the complex of PII and acetylglutamate kinase reveals how PII controls the storage of nitrogen as arginineLlácer, José Luis  ; Contreras, Asunción; Forchhammer, Karl; Marco-Marín, Clara ; Gil-Ortiz, Fernando ; Maldonado, R.; Fita, Ignacio  ; Rubio, Vicente  artículo
openAccess2018 Front Mol Biosci 5-00091.pdf.jpg13-Nov-2018The PII-NAGK-PipX-NtcA Regulatory Axis of Cyanobacteria: A Tale of Changing Partners, Allosteric Effectors and Non-covalent InteractionsForcada-Nadal, Alicia ; Llácer, José Luis  ; Contreras, Asunción; Marco-Marín, Clara ; Rubio, Vicente  artículo