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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
25-Aug-2010A genomic analysis identifies a novel component in the genetic structure of sub-Saharan African populationsSikora, Martin; Laayouni, Hafid; Calafell, Francesc; Comas, David; Bertranpetit, JaumeArtículo
Aug-2012Adaptive evolution of loci covarying with the human African Pygmy phenotypeMendizabal, Isabel; Marigorta, Urko M.; Lao, Oscar; Comas, DavidArtículo
Jan-2009An evaluation of the genetic-matched pair study design using genome-wide SNP data from the European populationBertranpetit, Jaume; Comas, David; Krawczak, MichaelArtículo
15-Feb-2010Baseline Brain Perfusion and the Serotonin Transporter Promoter PolymorphismViviani, Roberto; Rosa, Araceli; Comas, David; Kirchheiner, JuliaArtículo
Sep-2010Biodiversidad en poblaciones humanasComas, DavidArtículo
Dec-2010Com es pot mesurar la variabilitat humana?Marqués-Bonet, Tomàs; Comas, DavidArtículo
Sep-2013Contemporary paternal genetic landscape of Polish and German populations: From early medieval Slavic expansion to post-World War II resettlementsRębała, Krzysztof; Martínez-Cruz, Begoña; Comas, DavidArtículo
28-Jul-2009Decay of linkage disequilibrium within genes across HGDP-CEPH human samples: most population isolates do not show increased LDBosch, Elena; Laayouni, Hafid; Morcillo-Suárez, Carlos; Casals, Ferran; Moreno Estrada, Andrés; Ferrer Admetlla, Anna; Gardner, Michelle; Rosa, Araceli; Navarro, Arcadi; Comas, David; Graffelman, Jan; Calafell, Francesc; Bertranpetit, JaumeArtículo
2011Early Y chromosome lineages in Africa: the origin and dispersal of Homo sapiensCapelli, Cristian; Batini, Chiara; Comas, DavidPóster
2012Evidence of pre-roman tribal genetic structure in basques from uniparentally inherited markersMartínez-Cruz, Begoña; Comas, DavidArtículo
2010Evolució i diversitat del genoma humàComas, DavidArtículo
2010Evolució i diversitat del genoma humáComas, DavidArtículo
20-Feb-2014Extreme Population Differences in the Human Zinc Transporter ZIP4 (SLC39A4) Are Explained by Positive Selection in Sub-Saharan AfricaEngelken, Johannes; Carnero-Montoro, E.; Pybus, Marc; Lalueza-Fox, Carles; Comas, David; Rosas González, Antonio; Bosch, ElenaArtículo
16-Jul-2013Gene flow from North Africa contributes to differential human genetic diversity in southern EuropeBotigué, Laura R.; Comas, David; Bustamante, Carlos, D.Artículo
Sep-2009Genetic and Demographic Implications of the Bantu Expansion: Insights from Human Paternal LineagesBerniell-Lee, Gemma; Calafell, Francesc; Bosch, Elena; Heyer, Eveline; Quintana-Murci, Lluis; Comas, DavidArtículo
16-Aug-2011Genetic structure of Tunisian ethnic groups revealed by paternal lineagesFadhlaoui-Zid, Karima; Martínez-Cruz, Begoña; Khodjet-el-khil, Houssein; Mendizabal, Isabel; Benammar-Elgaaied, Amel; Comas, DavidArtículo
27-Nov-2013Genome-Wide and Paternal Diversity Reveal a Recent Origin of Human Populations in North Africa.Fadhlaoui-Zid, Karima; Haber, Marc; Martínez-Cruz, Begoña; Zalloua, Pierre; Benammar-Elgaaied, Amel; Comas, DavidArtículo
28-Feb-2013Genome-Wide Diversity in the Levant Reveals Recent Structuring by CultureHaber, Marc; Botigué, Laura R.; Bertranpetit, Jaume; Comas, David; Zalloua, PierreArtículo
12-Jan-2012Genomic ancestry of North Africans supports back-to-Africa migrationsHenn, Brenna M.; Botigué, Laura R.; Bertranpetit, Jaume; Comas, DavidArtículo
Jan-2013GHEP-ISFG proficiency test 2011: Paper challenge on evaluation of mitochondrial DNA resultsPrieto, Lourdes; Comas, David; Parson, WaltherArtículo

Showing results 1 to 20 of 40