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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Sep-2009Effect of marine autotrophic dissolved organic matter (DOM) on Alexandrium catenella in semi-continuous culturesLoureiro, Sofía; Garcés, Esther; Collos, Yves; Vaqué, Dolors; Camp, JordiArtículo
Dec-2008Interactions between ammonium and urea uptake by five strains of Alexandrium catenella (Dinophyceae) in cultureJauzein, Cécile; Loureiro, Sofía; Garcés, Esther; Collos, YvesArtículo
2012Morphological, biochemical and growth characteristics of Alexandrium catenella (Whedon & Kofoid) Balech, a toxic dinoflagellate expanding in Mediterranean watersLaabir, Mohamed; Barré, Nathalie; Franco, José M.; Brunet, Christophe; Masseret, Estelle; Collos, YvesArtículo
Aug-2012Phytoplankton and microbial plankton of the mediterranean seaCollos, Yves; Gasol, Josep M.; Šolic, Mladen; Soudant, Dominique; Zingone, A.Informe Técnico
Oct-2008Short-term temporal variability of ammonium and urea uptake by Alexandrium Catenella (Dinophyta) in culturesJauzein, Cécile; Collos, Yves; Garcés, Esther; Vila, Magda; Masó, MercedesArtículo
Apr-2009The significance of organic nutrients in the nutrition of Pseudo-nitzschia delicatissima (Bacillariophyceae)Loureiro, Sofía; Jauzein, Cécile; Garcés, Esther; Collos, Yves; Camp, Jordi; Vaqué, DolorsArtículo

Showing results 1 to 6 of 6