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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2001A surface modified ODS superalloy by thermal oxidation for potential implant applicationsGarcía-Alonso, M. C.; González-Carrasco, José Luis; Pérez Zubiaur, Pablo; Haanappel, V.A.C.; Escudero Rincón, María Lorenza; Chao, Jesús; Stroosnijder, M.F.
openAccess2012Advanced FeCrAl ODS steels for high-temperature structural applications in energy generation systemsPimentel, G,; Capdevila, Carlos; Bartolomé, Mª. J.; Chao, Jesús; Serrano, M.; García-Junceda, A.; Campos, M.; Torralba, J. M.; Aldazabal, J.
closedAccess2009Advanced vanadium alloyed steel for heavy product applicationsCapdevila, Carlos; García Mateo, Carlos; Chao, Jesús; García Caballero, Francisca
closedAccess1991An experimental investigation of blunting and stable crack growth processes of a crack in the weld HAZChao, Jesús; Fernández-Sáez, J.; Amo, José M.; Durán, J.
openAccess2014Anisotropy in mechanical properties and fracture behavior of an oxide dispersion Fe20Cr5Al alloyChao, Jesús; Capdevila, Carlos
openAccess15-Dec-2007Assessment of factors influencing surface recrystallization during high temperature exposure of fine grained PM 2000 alloyGonzález-Carrasco, José Luis; Chao, Jesús; Capdevila, Carlos; Jiménez, José Antonio; Amigó, V.; Salvador, M. D.
closedAccess2001Comparative study of the alumina-scale integrity on MA 956 and PM 2000 alloysGonzález-Carrasco, José Luis; García-Alonso, M. C.; Montealegre, M. A.; Escudero Rincón, María Lorenza; Chao, Jesús
closedAccess2004Development of high strength, high ductility and high creep resistant iron aluminideMorris, David G.; Muñoz-Morris, Mª Antonia; Chao, Jesús
openAccess1998Efecto del procesado termomecánico sobre las propiedades de la aleación MA 956. I Caracterización microestructuralChao, Jesús; Cristina, M. C.; González-Carrasco, José Luis; González-Doncel, Gaspar
closedAccess1993Effect of mechanical heterogeneity on the behavior of a crack in the weld heat affected zone: A numerical analysisChao, Jesús; Fernández-Sáez, J.; Durán, J.; Amo, José M.
closedAccess2013Effect of nanoscale precipitation on strengthening of ferritic ODS Fe-Cr-Al alloyCapdevila, Carlos; Chao, Jesús; Jimenez, José A.; Miller, M. K.
openAccessJan-2010Effect of residual stress on recrystallization behavior of mechanically alloyed steelsToda, Isaac; Chao, Jesús; Lindgren, L. E.; Capdevila, Carlos
closedAccess2001Effect of sandblasting on the oxidation and corrosion behaviour of an oxide-dispersed strengthened (ODS) FeCrAl alloyGarcía-Alonso, M. C.; Escudero Rincón, María Lorenza; González-Carrasco, José Luis; Chao, Jesús
closedAccess2000Effect of substrate roughness on the corrosion behaviour of the Al2O3/MA 956 systemGarcía-Alonso, M. C.; Escudero Rincón, María Lorenza; González-Carrasco, José Luis; Chao, Jesús
closedAccess2009Effect of V and N precipitation on acicular ferrite formation in sulfur-lean vanadium steelsCapdevila, Carlos; García Mateo, Carlos; Chao, Jesús; García Caballero, Francisca
closedAccess2011Effect of V Precipitation on Continuous Cooled Sulphur Lean Vanadium Alloyed Steels for Long Products ApplicationsCapdevila, Carlos; García Mateo, Carlos; Cornide, J.; Chao, Jesús; García Caballero, Francisca
openAccess2014Effect of α-α´ phase separation on notch impact behavior of oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) Fe20Cr5Al alloyChao, Jesús; Capdevila, Carlos; Serrano, M; Garcia-Junceda, A; Jiménez, José Antonio; Miller, M.K
closedAccess2003Effects of cooling rate on aging at 475°C of an oxide-dispersion-strengthened ferritic steelChao, Jesús; González-Carrasco, José Luis
closedAccess2008Effects of morphology and stability of retained austenite on the ductility of TRIP-aided bainitic steelsGarcía Caballero, Francisca; García Mateo, Carlos; Chao, Jesús; Santofimia, M. J.; Capdevila, Carlos; García de Andrés, Carlos
closedAccess1996Effects of the alumina scale on the room-temperature tensile behavior of preoxidized MA 956Chao, Jesús; González-Carrasco, José Luis; Ibáñez, Joaquín; Escudero Rincón, María Lorenza; González-Doncel, Gaspar