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closedAccess7-Oct-2008Architecture of the pontin/reptin complex, essential in the assembly of several macromolecular complexesTorreira, Eva; Jha, Sudhakar; López-Blanco, José R.; Arias-Palomo, Ernesto; Chacón, Pablo; Cañas, Cristina; Ayora, Silvia; Dutta, Anindya; Llorca, ÓscarArtículo
closedAccess24-Nov-2009In Memoriam of Angel R. Ortiz (1966-2008)Abia, David; Bastolla, Ugo; Chacón, Pablo; Fábrega Clavería, Carme; Gago, Federico; Morreale, Antonio; Tramontano, AnnaArtículo
openAccess3-Jun-2009Plasmid replication initiator RepB forms a hexamer reminiscent of ring helicases and has mobile nuclease domainsBoer, Roeland; Ruiz-Masó, José A.; López-Blanco, José R.; Chacón, Pablo; Usón, Isabel; Espinosa, Manuel; Llorca, Óscar; Solar, Gloria delArtículo
openAccess19-Apr-2011Predicting protein-protein interactions with DrugScorePPI: fully-flexible docking, scoring, and in silico alanine-scanningGarzón, José Ignacio; Krüger, Dennis M.; Chacón, Pablo; Gohlken, HolgerArtículo
closedAccess2004Predictions of protein flexibility: First-order measuresKovacs, J.A.; Chacón, Pablo; Abagyan, R.Artículo
closedAccess2009Protein shape and assembly studied with X ray solution scattering: Fundaments and practiceMartínez Buey, Rubén; Chacón, Pablo; Andreu Morales, José Manuel; Díaz, José FernandoArtículo
closedAccess2012Targetting assembly of cell division protein FtsZ with small moleculesSchaffner-Barbero, Claudia; Martín-Fontecha, Mar; Chacón, Pablo; Andreu Morales, José ManuelArtículo