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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess22-Jan-2010Calculable inverse-seesaw neutrino masses in supersymmetryBazzocchi, Federica; Cerdeño, David G.; Muñoz, Carlos; Valle, José W. F.
openAccess11-Feb-2014Collider signatures of a light NMSSM pseudoscalar in neutralino decays in the light of LHC resultsCerdeño, David G.; Ghosh, Pradipta; Beom-Park, Chan; Peiró, Miguel; Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics SCOAP
openAccess31-Jul-2008Experimental constraints on a dark matter origin for the DAMA annual modulation effectAalseth, C.E.; Barbeau, P.S.; Cerdeño, David G.; Colaresi, J.; Collar, Juan I.; Lurgio, P. de; Drake, G.; Fast, J.E.; Greenberg, C.H.; Hossbach, T.W., et al
openAccessNov-2009Gravitino dark matter in hybrid gauge-gravity modelsCerdeño, David G.; Mambrini, Yann; Romagnoni, A.
openAccess10-Sep-2010Identification of dark matter particles with LHC and direct detection dataRuiz de Austri, Roberto; Trotta, R.; Fornasa, M.; Cerdeño, David G.; Bertone, G.
openAccess26-Jun-2008Modulus-dominated SUSY-breaking soft terms in F-theory and their test at LHCAparicio, Luis; Cerdeño, David G.; Ibáñez, Luis E.
openAccess6-Sep-2007Prospects for the direct detection of neutralino dark matter in orbifold scenariosCerdeño, David G.; Kobayashi, Tatsuo; Muñoz, Carlos
openAccess18-Jul-2008Right-handed sneutrino as thermal dark matterCerdeño, David G.; Muñoz, Carlos; Seto, Osamu
openAccess26-Aug-2009Right-handed sneutrino dark matter in the NMSSMCerdeño, David G.; Seto, Osamu
openAccess27-Apr-2009Stau detection at neutrino telescopes in scenarios with supersymmetric dark matterCanadas, B.; Cerdeño, David G.; Muñoz, Carlos; Panda, S.