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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013A year in an ant's life: Opportunism and seasonal variation in the foraging ecology of aphaenogaster senilisCaut, Stéphane; Barroso, A.; Cerdá, Xim; Amor, Fernando; Boulay, RaphaëlArtículo
1997Adult transport in the ant Cataglyphis iberica: A means to maintain a uniform colonial odour in a species with multiple nestsDahbi, A.; Cerdá, Xim; Hefetz, A.; Lenoir, AlainArtículo
2000Alternative strategies by thermophilic ants to cope with extreme heat: Individual versus colony level traitsCerdá, Xim; Retana, J.Artículo
2013An Evolutionary Dynamics Model Adapted to Eusocial Insectsvan Oudenhove, L.; Cerdá, Xim; Bernstein, C.Artículo
2009Ant community structure in citrus orchards in the mediterranean basin: Impoverishment as a consequence of habitat homogeneityCerdá, Xim; Palacios, R.; Retana, J.Artículo
2012Ant community structure on a small Pacific island: Only one native species living with the invadersCerdá, Xim; Angulo, Elena; Caut, Stéphane; Courchamp, FranckArtículo
2-Apr-2014Ant functional responses along environmental gradientsArnan, Xavier; Cerdá, Xim; Retana, JavierDocumento de trabajo
2012Behaviour-mediated group size effect constrains reproductive decisions in a social insectRuel, Camille; Cerdá, Xim; Boulay, RaphaëlArtículo
2001Behavioural and physiological traits to thermal stress tolerance in two Spanish desert antsCerdá, XimArtículo
2009Brood development into sexual females depends on the presence of a queen but not on temperature in an ant dispersing by colony fission, Aphaenogaster senilisBoulay, Raphaël; Cerdá, Xim; fertin, Arnold; Ichinose, K.; Lenoir, AlainArtículo
2009Cataglyphis desert ants: a good model for evolutionary biology in Darwin¿s anniversary year¿A reviewLenoir, Alain; Aron, Serge; Cerdá, Xim; Hefetz, A.Artículo
2013Chemical integration of Thorictus myrmecophilous beetles into Cataglyphis ant nestsLenoir, Alain; Háva, Jiří; Heftz, Abraham; Dahbi, Abdallah; Cerdá, XimArtículo
2009Climatic drivers of hemispheric asymmetry in global patterns of ant species richnessDunn, Robert R.; Agosti, D.; Andersen, A.N.; Arnan, X.; Brühl, C.A.; Cerdá, Xim; Ellison, A.M.; Fisher, B.L.; Fitzpatrick, M.C.; Gibb, H.; Gotelli, N.J.; Gove, A.D.; Guénard, B.; Janda, M.; Kaspari, M.Artículo
2010Cooperative prey-retrieving in the ant Cataglyphis floricola: An unusual short-distance recruitmentAmor, Fernando; Ortega, P.; Cerdá, Xim; Boulay, GaylorArtículo
1998Critical thermal limits in Mediterranean ant species: Trade-off between mortality risk and foraging performanceCerdá, Xim; Retana, J.; Cros, S.Artículo
2005Detecting nestmate recognition patterns in the fission-performing ant Aphaenogaster senilis: A comparison of different indicesIchinose, K.; Cerdá, Xim; Jean-Philippe, C.; Lenoir, AlainArtículo
2009Development of single sequence repeat markers for the ant Aphaenogaster senilis and cross-species amplification in A. iberica, A . gibbosa, A. subterranea and Messor maroccanusGalarza, Juan A.; Boulay, Raphaël; Cerdá, Xim; Federici, P.; Magalon, H.; Monnin, T; Rico, CiroArtículo
2013Dispersal of non-myrmecochorous plants by a >keystone disperser> ant in a Mediterranean habitat reveals asymmetric interdependenceBarroso, Á; Amor, Fernando; Cerdá, Xim; Boulay, RaphaëlArtículo
2012Distinctive life traits and distribution along environmental gradients of dominant and subordinate Mediterranean ant speciesArnan, X.; Cerdá, Xim; Retana, J.Artículo
2007Efecto de una especie invasora, Linepithema humile, la hormiga argentina, sobre la biodiversidad del Parque Nacional de Doñana (Huelva): descripción de las interacciones con las hormigas nativas.Angulo, Elena; Boulay, Raphaël; Rodrigo, A.; Retana, J.; Cerdá, XimCapítulo de libro

Showing results 1 to 20 of 78