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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccessApr-20092-D DIGE analysis of Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis) testis proteome in wild-caught and hormone-treated F1 fishForné, Ignasi; Agulleiro Gozalbo, Maria Josep; Asensio, Esther; Abián, Joaquín; Cerdà, Joan
openAccessMay-2013A Rapid Transcriptome Response Is Associated with Desiccation Resistance in Aerially-Exposed Killifish EmbryosTingaud-Sequeira, Angèle; Lozano, Juan José; Zapater, Cinta; Otero, David; Kube, Michael; Reinhardt, Richard; Cerdà, Joan
closedAccessApr-2009Adaptive plasticity of killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) embryos: dehydration-stimulated development and differential aquaporin-3 expressionTingaud-Sequeira, Angèle; Zapater, Cinta; Chauvigné, François; Otero, David; Cerdà, Joan
closedAccessJan-2013Advances in genomics for flatfish aquacultureCerdà, Joan; Manchado, Manuel
closedAccessFeb-2013Alternative splicing of the nuclear progestin receptor in a perciform teleost generates novel mechanisms of dominant-negative transcriptional regulationZapater, Cinta; Chauvigné, François; Fernández-Gómez, Beatriz; Finn, Roderick N.; Cerdà, Joan
closedAccessAug-2008Analysis of Vitelline Envelope Synthesis and Composition During Early Oocyte Development in Gilthead Seabream (Sparus aurata)Modig, Carina; Raldúa, Demetrio; Cerdà, Joan; Olsson, Per-erik
openAccessJul-2011Aquaporin evolution in fishesFinn, Roderick N.; Cerdà, Joan
closedAccessJul-2010Atlantic halibut aquaporins: molecular characterization and role during oocyte hydrationZapater, Cinta; Finn, Roderick N.; Norberg, Birgitta; Cerdà, Joan
openAccessFeb-2011Cathepsin B differential expression and enzyme processing and activity during Fundulus heteroclitus embryogenesisTingaud-Sequeira, Angèle; Carnevali, Oliana; Cerdà, Joan
closedAccess2006Cathepsin B-mediated yolk protein degradation during killifish oocyte maturation is blocked by an H+-ATPase inhibitor: effects on the hydration mechanismRaldúa, Demetrio; Fabra, Mercedes; Bozzo, María G.; Weber, Ekkehard; Cerdà, Joan
closedAccess30-May-2007Changes in Cathepsin Gene Expression and Relative Enzymatic Activity During Gilthead Sea Bream OogenesisCarnevali, Oliana; Cionna, C.; Tosti, L.; Cerdà, Joan; Giocchini, G.
closedAccess2005Derivation of Major Yolk Proteins from Parental Vitellogenins and Alternative Processing During Oocyte Maturation in Fundulus heteroclitusLaFleur, Gary J.; Raldúa, Demetrio; Fabra, Mercedes; Carnevali, Oliana; Denslow, Nancy; Wallace, Robin A.; Cerdà, Joan
openAccess8-Apr-2011Design and characterization of genetically engineered zebrafish aquaporin-3 mutants highly permeable to the cryoprotectant ethylene glycolChauvigné, François; Lubzens, Esther; Cerdà, Joan
closedAccess2008Desxifrant la base molecular de la formació de l'ou en els peixos marinsCerdà, Joan
closedAccess2013Dietary modulation of arachidonic acid metabolism in senegalese sole (Solea Senegalensis) broodstock reared in captivityNorambuena, Fernando; Morais, Sofia; Estévez, Alicia; Bell, J. Gordon; Tocher, Douglas R.; Navarro, Juan Carlos; Cerdà, Joan; Duncan, Neil
closedAccess1-Mar-2008Differential localization and regulation of two aquaporin-1 homologs in the intestinal epithelia of the marine teleost Sparus aurataRaldúa, Demetrio; Otero, David; Fabra, Mercedes; Cerdà, Joan
closedAccessJan-2013Discovery of novel human Aquaporin-1 BlockersSeeliger, Daniel; Zapater, Cinta; Krenc, Dawid; Haddoub, Rose; Flitsch, Sabine; Beitz, Eric; Cerdà, Joan; de Groot, Bert L.
closedAccess2010Dormancy and Resistance in Harsh EnvironmentsLubzens, Esther; Cerdà, Joan; Clark, Melody
openAccessJun-2011Dual Neofunctionalization of a Rapidly Evolving Aquaporin-1 Paralog Resulted in Constrained and Relaxed Traits Controlling Channel Function during Meiosis Resumption in TeleostsZapater, Cinta; Chauvigné, François; Norberg, Birgitta; Finn, Roderick N.; Cerdà, Joan
closedAccessMay-2014Enhanced Water and Cryoprotectant Permeability of Porcine Oocytes After Artificial Expression of Human and Zebrafish Aquaporin-3 ChannelsMorató, Roser; Chauvigné, François; Novo, Segi; Bonet, Sergi; Cerdà, Joan