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openAccess5-2011 IBVF digital.pdf.jpg2011A comparative analysis of the NADPH thioredoxin reductase C-2-Cys peroxiredoxin system from plants and CyanobacteriaPascual, María Belén; Mata-Cabana, Alejandro ; Florencio, Francisco J.; Lindahl, Marika ; Cejudo, Francisco Javier artículo
openAccessDomnguez  Cejudo (colour)JG.pdf.jpg2012A comparison between nuclear dismantling during plant and animal programmed cell deathDomínguez, Fernando ; Cejudo, Francisco Javier artículo
openAccessEukaryotic Cell-2015-Pérez-Martín-964-73.pdf.jpg2015Activation of Autophagy by Metals in Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiPérez-Martín, Marta ; Bably-Haas,Crysten E.; Pérez-Pérez, María Esther ; Andrés-Garrido, Ascensión; Blaby, Ian K.; Merchant, Sabeeha S.; Cejudo, Francisco Javier artículo
openAccessTPJ-ms.pdf.jpg2012An intermolecular disulfide-based light switch for chloroplast psbD gene expression in Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiSchwarz, Christian; Bohne, Alexandra; Cejudo, Francisco Javier ; Nickelsen, Jörgartículo
openAccessFerrández et al-MS.pdf.jpg2012Chloroplast redox homeostasis is essential for lateral root formation in ArabidopsisFerrández, Julia; González, Maricruz ; Cejudo, Francisco Javier artículo
closedAccessSep-2010Cloning, biochemical characterisation, tissue localisation and possible post-translational regulatory mechanism of the cytosolic phosphoglucose isomerase from developing sunflower seedsTroncoso-Ponce, M. Adrián ; Rivoal, Jean; Cejudo, Francisco Javier ; Dorion, S.; Garcés Mancheño, Rafael  ; Martínez-Force, Enrique  artículo
openAccess00014-corrected.pdf.jpg2013Comparative analysis of cyanobacterial and plant peroxiredoxins and their electron donors: Peroxidase activity and susceptibility to overoxidationLindahl, Marika ; Cejudo, Francisco Javier artículo
openAccessMSaccept-PHYTOCHEM.pdf.jpg2012Molecular cloning and biochemical characterization of three phosphoglycerate kinase isoforms from developing sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) seedsTroncoso-Ponce, M. Adrián ; Rivoal, J.; Venegas-Calerón, Mónica  ; Dorión,Sonia; Fernández, Rosario; Cejudo, Francisco Javier ; Garcés, Rafael; Martínez-Force, Enrique  artículo
openAccessBernaletal.pdf.jpg2014Molecular recognition in the interaction of chloroplast 2-Cys peroxiredoxin with NADPH-thioredoxin reductase C (NTRC) and thioredoxin xBernal-Bayard, P. ; Ojeda, Valle; Hervás, Manuel ; Cejudo, Francisco Javier ; Navarro, José A. ; Velázquez-Campoy, Adrián; Pérez-Ruiz, Juan Manuel artículo
openAccessKirchsteiger et al (text+fig).pdf.jpg2012NADPH thioredoxin reductase C is localized in plastids of photosynthetic and nonphotosynthetic tissues and is involved in lateral root formation in ArabidopsisKirchsteiger, Kerstin ; Ferrández, Julia; Pacual, María Belén; González, Maricruz ; Cejudo, Francisco Javier artículo
openAccessTovar-MendezA_ XIIISEFIN2010.pdf.jpgJun-2010Peroxiredoxin genes of Lotus japonicus: expression analysis in plants and hormone effectsTovar-Méndez, Alejandro ; Bustos-Sanmamed, Pilar ; Sato, Shusei; Dietz, Karl-Josef; Cejudo, Francisco Javier ; Tabata, Satoshi; Becana Ausejo, Manuel  comunicación de congreso
openAccessBecanaM_PlantPhhys_2011.pdf.jpgJul-2011Peroxiredoxins and NADPH-Dependent Thioredoxin Systems in the Model Legume Lotus japonicusTovar-Méndez, Alejandro ; Matamoros Galindo, Manuel Ángel  ; Bustos-Sanmamed, Pilar ; Dietz, Karl-Josef; Cejudo, Francisco Javier ; Rouhier, Nicolas; Sato, Shusei; Tabata, Satoshi; Becana Ausejo, Manuel  artículo
openAccess2018932_A6.pdf.jpg16-May-1991Procedimiento de preparación en estado puro de una invertasa exocelular de origen microbianoGarcía de la Vega, Manuel; Cejudo, Francisco Javier ; Paneque Guerrero, Antoniopatente
closedAccessJan-2007PsTRXh1 and PsTRXh2 Are Both Pea h-Type Thioredoxins with Antagonistic Behavior in Redox ImbalancesTraverso, José A.; Vignols, Florence; Cazalis, Roland; Pulido, Amada; Sahrawy, Mariam; Cejudo, Francisco Javier ; Meyer, Yves; Chueca, Anaartículo
closedAccessSep-2006Rice NTRC Is a High-Efficiency Redox System for Chloroplast Protection against Oxidative DamagePérez-Ruiz, Juan Manuel ; Spínola, María Cristina; Kirchsteiger, Kerstin ; Moreno, Javier ; Sahrawy, Mariam; Cejudo, Francisco Javier artículo
openAccessPostprint_2015_Naranjo_et_al_PlantCell&Environment.pdf.jpg17-Oct-2015The chloroplast NADPH thioredoxin reductase C, NTRC, controls non-photochemical quenching of light energy and photosynthetic electron transport in ArabidopsisNaranjo, Belén ; Mignée, Clara; Krieger-Liszkay, Anja; Hornero-Méndez, Dámaso  ; Gallardo Guerrero, Lourdes  ; Cejudo, Francisco Javier ; Lindahl, Marika artículo
openAccessJ. Exp. Bot.-2015-Puerto-Galán-2957-66 (1).pdf.jpg2015The contribution of NADPH thioredoxin reductase C (NTRC) and sulfiredoxin to 2-Cys peroxiredoxin overoxidation in Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplastsPuerto-Galán, Leonor ; Pérez-Ruiz, Juan Manuel ; Guinea, Manuel ; Cejudo, Francisco Javier artículo
openAccess92320.pdf.jpg10-Jun-2014Thiol-based redox homeostasis and signalingCejudo, Francisco Javier ; Meyer, Andreas J.; Reichheld, Jean Philippe; Rouhier, Nicolas; Traverso, José A.artículo
openAccessPlant Physiol.-2015-Thormählen-pp.15.01122.pdf.jpg2015Thioredoxin f1 and NADPH-dependent thioredoxin reductase C have overlapping functions in regulating photosynthetic metabolism and plant growth in response to varying light conditionsThormählen, Ina; Meitzel, Tobias; Groysman, Julia; Öchsner, Alexandra; Roepenack-Lahaye, Edda von; Naranjo, Belén ; Cejudo, Francisco Javier ; Geigenberger, Peterartículo
openAccessJ. Exp. Bot.-2016-Naranjo-jxb-erw017.pdf.jpg2-Feb-2016Type-f thioredoxins have a role in the short-term activation of carbon metabolism and their loss affects growth under short-day conditions in Arabidopsis thalianaNaranjo, Belén ; Díaz-Espejo, Antonio  ; Lindahl, Marika ; Cejudo, Francisco Javier artículo