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20136,6'-(1E,1'E)-((1R,2R)-1,2-Diphenylethane-1,2-diyl)bis(azan-1-yl-1-ylidene)bis(methan-1-yl-1-ylidene)bis(2-tert-butyl-4-((trimethylsilyl)ethynyl)phenol)Huber, Thimo; Niehues, Lennart; Cativiela, Carlos; Finn, M. G.; Díaz Díaz, DavidArtículo
2005A theoretical study of the influence of nitrogen angular constraints on the properties of amides: Rotation/inversion barriers and hydrogen bond accepting abilities of N-formylaziridine and -azirineAlkorta, Ibon; Cativiela, Carlos; Elguero, José; Gil, Ana M.; Jiménez, Ana I.Artículo
2012Access to enantiomerically pure cis- and trans-β-phenylproline by high-performance liquid chromatography resolutionFatás, Paola; Gil, Ana M.; Calaza, M. Isabel; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, CarlosArtículo
2011Access to the cis-fused stereoisomers of proline analogues containing an octahydroindole coreSayago, Francisco J.; Laborda, Pedro; Calaza, M. Isabel; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, CarlosArtículo
2014Aldolase-catalyzed synthesis of conformationally constrained iminocyclitols: Preparation of polyhydroxylated benzopyrrolizidines and cyclohexapyrrolizidinesLaborda, Pedro; Sayago, Francisco J.; Cativiela, Carlos; Parella, Teodor; Joglar, Jesús; Clapés, PereArtículo
2011Aminoácidos sintéticos vs la enfermedadCativiela, CarlosTrabajo de divulgación
2013An electroactive and biologically responsive hybrid conjugate based on chemical similarityFabregat, Georgina; Ballano, Gema; Armelin, Elaine; Valle, Luis J. del; Cativiela, Carlos; Alemán, CarlosArtículo
23-Sep-2006Backbone conformational preferences and pseudorotational ring puckering of 1-aminocyclopentane-1-carboxylic acidAlemán, Carlos; Zanuy, David; Casanovas, Jordi; Cativiela, Carlos; Nussinov, RuthArtículo
2011Bis(azobenzene)-Based Photoswitchable, Prochiral, Cα-Tetrasubstituted α-Amino Acids for Nanomaterials ApplicationsFatás, Paola; Crisma, Marco; Toniolo, Claudio; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, CarlosArtículo
2013C-C Bond formation catalyzed by natural gelatin and collagen proteinsKühbeck, Dennis; Bijayi Dhar, Basab; Schön, Eva-Maria; Cativiela, Carlos; Gotor-Fernández, Vicente; Díaz Díaz, DavidArtículo
2012Competition between gelation and crystallisation of a peculiar multicomponent liquid system based on ammonium saltsCativiela, Carlos; Díaz Díaz, DavidArtículo
22-Feb-2006Concepts and schemes for the re-engineering of physical protein modules: generating nanodevices via targeted replacements with constrained amino acidsAlemán, Carlos; Zanuy, David; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, Carlos; Casanovas, JordiArtículo
22-Feb-2006Conformational analysis of a cyclopropane analogue of phenylalanine with two geminal phenyl substituentsCasanovas, Jordi; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, Carlos; Pérez, Juan J.; Alemán, CarlosArtículo
2010Conformational Preferences of Proline Analogues with a Fused Benzene RingWarren, Javier G.; Alemán, Carlos; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, CarlosArtículo
2010Conformational Profile of a Proline−Arginine HybridRevilla-López, G.; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, Carlos; Nussinov, Ruth; Alemán, Carlos; Zanuy, DavidArtículo
2013Cyclopalladation and reactivity of amino esters through C-H bond activation: Experimental, kinetic, and density functional theory mechanistic studiesLaga, Eduardo; García-Montero, Angel; Sayago, Francisco J.; Soler, Tatiana; Moncho, Salvador; Cativiela, Carlos; Martínez, Manuel; Urriolabeitia, Esteban P.Artículo
2013Design of hybrid conjugates based on chemical similarityFabregat, Georgina; Ballano, Gema; Casanovas, Jordi; Laurent, Adèle D.; Armelin, Elaine; Valle, Luis J. del; Cativiela, Carlos; Jacquemin, Denis; Alemán, CarlosArtículo
2011Efficient access to (1H)-isoindolin-1-one-3-carboxylic acid derivatives by orthopalladation and carbonylation of methyl arylglycinate substratesNieto, Sonia; Sayago, Francisco J.; Laborda, Pedro; Soler, Tatiana; Cativiela, Carlos; Urriolabeitia, Esteban P.Artículo
16-Oct-2006Efficient synthesis of a new pipecolic acid analogue with a bicyclic structureCasabona, Diego; Cativiela, CarlosArtículo
2013Engineering strategy to improve peptide analogs: from structure-based computational design to tumor homingZanuy, David; Sayago, Francisco J.; Ballano, Gema; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, Carlos; Alemán, CarlosArtículo

Showing results 1 to 20 of 70