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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1970Calcium oxalate: Crystallographic analysis in solid aggregates in urinary sedimentsCatalina, Fernando; Cifuentes, L.Artículo
2015Chemiluminescence studies on comparison of antioxidant effectiveness on multiextruded polyethylenesTeso Sánchez, K. del; Allen, Norman S.; Liauw, C. M.; Catalina, Fernando; Corrales, Teresa; Edge, M.Artículo
2004Chemiluminescence study of commercial type-B gelatinesAbrusci, C.; Martín-González, A.; Amo, A. del; Catalina, Fernando; Bosch, Paula; Corrales, TeresaArtículo
2013Comparative effect of metal stearates as pro-oxidant additives on bacterial biodegradation of thermal- and photo-degraded low density polyethylene mulching filmsAbrusci, Concepción; Pablos, José Luis; Marín, I.; Espí, E.; Corrales, Teresa; Catalina, FernandoArtículo
1990Diffusion and microstructures induced by excimer laser irradiation in Ge-Sb thin film bilayersSerna, Rosalía; Afonso, Carmen N.; Catalina, Fernando; Teixeira, N.; da Silva, M.F.; Soares, J. C.Artículo
2010Effects of ozone in surface modification and thermal stability of SEBS block copolymersPeinado, Carmen; Corrales, Teresa; Catalina, Fernando; Pedron, Sara; Ruiz Santa Quiteria, Valentin; Parellada, María Dolores; Barrio, Juan Antonio; Olmos, Dania; Gonzalez-Benito, JavierArtículo
1988Electrical resistivity and structural changes in amorphous Ge1-xAlx thin films under thermal annealingCatalina, Fernando; Afonso, Carmen N.; Ortiz, C.Artículo
2010Enzyme-induced graft polymerization for preparation of hydrogels: synergetic effect of laccase-immobilized-cryogels for pollutants adsorptionNieto, Marina; Nardecchia, Stefania; Peinado, Carmen; Catalina, Fernando; Abrusci, Concepción; Gutiérrez, María C.; Ferrer, M. Luisa; Monte, Francisco delArtículo
1996Epitaxial effects on film growth and interdiffusion at Bi-Sb interfacesMissana, T.; Catalina, Fernando; Afonso, Carmen N.; Ollacarizqueta, M. A.Artículo
1993Fast-crystallizing Sb-based thin films under pico- and nanosecond laser pulsesAfonso, Carmen N.; Morilla, M. C.; Solis Céspedes, Javier; Rizvi, N. H.; Ollacarizqueta, M. A.; Catalina, FernandoArtículo
2005Fluorescent probes for sensing processes in polymersBosch, Paula; Catalina, Fernando; Corrales, Teresa; Peinado, CarmenArtículo
1990Good-quality Ge films grown by excimer laser depositionAfonso, Carmen N.; Serna, Rosalía; Catalina, Fernando; Bermejo, DionisioArtículo
1992Grain boundary triggering of diffusion in laser melted SbGe bilayer films and surface ripplesCatalina, Fernando; Afonso, Carmen N.; Serna, Rosalía; Ortiz, C.Artículo
2010Hierarchically Organized Micellization of Thermoresponsive Rod-Coil Copolymers Based on Poly[oligo(ethylene glycol) methacrylate] and Poly(epsilon-caprolactone)Luzon, Mario; Corrales, Teresa; Catalina, Fernando; Miguel, Veronica San; Ballesteros, Carmen; Peinado, CarmenArtículo
1990Kinetics of amorphous phase formation and its isothermal crystallization in laser-quenched GeAl thin filmsAfonso, Carmen N.; Catalina, Fernando; Solis Céspedes, JavierArtículo
1991Kinetics of laser induced interface reactions in Sb/Ge thin multilayer filmsCatalina, Fernando; Afonso, Carmen N.; Serna, Rosalía; Vega, F.Artículo
1992Laser ablation of Ge in an oxygen environment: plasma and film propertiesAfonso, Carmen N.; Vega, F.; Solís Céspedes, Javier; Catalina, Fernando; Ortega, C.; Siejka, J.Artículo
1992Laser induced interface reactions in Sb/Ge multilayer thin films: a study by RBS and CS-TEMSerna, Rosalía; Afonso, Carmen N.; Catalina, Fernando; Petford-Long, A. K.; Teixeira, N.; Silva, M. F. da; Soares, J. C.Artículo
1987Metastable phase formation in laser-processed Al-Ge sputtered thin filmsCatalina, Fernando; Afonso, Carmen N.; Quintana, M. C.; Ortiz, C.Artículo
1988Metastable phase formation with dendrite growth during laser-induced rapid solidification of Al59Ge41 sputtered thin filmsCatalina, Fernando; Afonso, Carmen N.; Rollan, E.; Ortiz, C.Artículo

Showing results 1 to 20 of 30