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closedAccessOct-2002A novel cold-inducible gene from Arabidopsis, RCI3, encodes a peroxidase that constitutes a component for stress toleranceLlorente, Francisco; López-Cobollo, Rosa María; Catalá, Rafael; Martínez-Zapater, José M.; Salinas, JulioArtículo
openAccessLopez-Torrejon et al.pdf.jpg15-Nov-2012Identification of SUMO target by a novel proteomic approach in plantsLópez-Torrejón, Gema; Guerra, Davide; Catalá, Rafael; Salinas, Julio; Pozo, Juan Carlos delArtículo
closedAccess27-Sep-2011Integration of low temperature and light signaling during cold acclimation response in ArabidopsisCatalá, Rafael; Medina, Joaquín; Salinas, JulioArtículo
openAccessWO2015022365_A1.pdf.jpg19-Feb-2015Methods for enhancing drought tolerance in plantsBorja, Marisé; Bonet, Julio; Molina Fernández, Antonio; Salinas, Julio; Catalá, RafaelSolicitud de patente
closedAccessDec-2003Mutations in the Ca2+/H+ Transporter CAX1 Increase CBF/DREB1 Expression and the Cold-Acclimation Response in ArabidopsisCatalá, Rafael; Santos, Elisa; Alonso, José M.; Ecke, Joseph R.; Martínez-Zapater, José M.; Salinas, JulioArtículo
openAccessWO2010034862A1.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2010RCI5 transgenic plant resistant to cold and saline stress producing TMAO, elements necessary for its obtainment, and use of compositions containing TMAO to induce tolerance to cold and saline stressSalinas, Julio; Catalá, Rafael; López-Cobollo, Rosa MaríaSolicitud de patente
openAccessSpanish J. of Agric. Res. 2008, 6 (4Special Issue) 211-220.pdf.jpg2008Regulatory mechanisms involved in cold acclimation responseCatalá, Rafael; Salinas, JulioArtículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpgDec-2003Stress-responsive zinc finger gene ZPT2-3 plays a role in drought tolerance in petuniaSugano, Shoji; Kaminaka, Hironori; Rybka, Zbigniew; Catalá, Rafael; Salinas, Julio; Matsuy, Kyoko; Ohme-Takagi, Masaru; Takatsuji, HiroshiArtículo
closedAccessJ. Appl. Biomed, 8 (189-198).pdf.jpgApr-2010Temperature-perception, molecules and mechanismsCatalá, Rafael; Salinas, JulioArtículo
openAccessS&B_Julio Salinas_2015pdf.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2015The Arabidopsisethylene overproducer mutanteto1-3displays enhanced freezing toleranceCatalá, Rafael; Salinas, JulioArtículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpgJan-2011The CBFs: three Arabidopsis transcription factors to cold acclimateMedina, Joaquín; Catalá, Rafael; Salinas, JulioArtículo
openAccessPlant Cell_Perea_2016.pdf.jpg13-Jan-2016The LSM1-7 complex differentially regulates Arabidopsis tolerance to abiotic stress conditions by promoting selective mRNA decappingPerea-Resa, Carlos; Carrasco-López, Cristian; Catalá, Rafael; Turecková, Veronika; Novak, Ondrej; Zhang, Weiping; Sieburth, Leslie; Jiménez-Gómez, José Manuel; Salinas, JulioArtículo