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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2012A consistent compositional formulation for multiphase reactive transport where chemistry affects hydrodynamicsGamazo Rusnac, Pablo; Saaltink, Maarten W.; Carrera, Jesús; Slooten, Luit Jan; Bea, S.A.
openAccess2011A correction factor to account for mixing in Ghyben-Herzberg and critical pumping rate approximations of seawater intrusion in coastal aquifersPool, María; Carrera, Jesús
closedAccessJun-2013A Dissolved CO2 injection system to reduce geological and capture requeriments of CCSCarrera, Jesús; Silva, Orlando; Pool, María; Rötting, Tobias
closedAccessApr-2013A fractal model to describe the evolution of multiphase hydraulic properties during mineral dissolutionRötting, Tobias; Guarracino, Luis; Carrera, Jesús; Luquot, Linda; Casalinuovo, Diosenia
openAccess5-Aug-2009A general real-time formulation for multi-rate mass transfer problemsSilva Rojas, Orlando; Carrera, Jesús; Kumar, Shant; Alcolea, A.; Dentz, Marco
closedAccess2011A methodology for characterizing the hydraulic effectiveness of an annular low-permeability barrierVilarrasa, Víctor; Carrera, Jesús; Jurado, Anna; Pujades, Estanislao; Vázquez-Suñé, Enric
openAccess2008Aguas continentales. Gestión de recursos hídricos, tratamiento y calidad del aguaBarceló, Damià (coord.); Ayora, Carles; Carrera, Jesús; Castaño, Santiago; Folch, Montserrat; García Calvo, Eloy; Gómez-Alday, Juan José; Guasch, Helena; Jofre, Joan; Lema, Juan M., et al
openAccess2010An approach to identify urban groundwater rechargeVázquez-Suñé, Enric; Carrera, Jesús; Tubau, Isabel; Sánchez-Vila, Xavier; Soler, A.
openAccessJun-2011An efficient injection concept for CO2 geological storageSilva, Orlando; Carrera, Jesús; Vilarrasa, Víctor
closedAccess2013Application of multi-isotope data (O, D, C and S) to quantify redox processes in urban groundwaterJurado, Anna; Vàzquez-Suñé, Enric; Soler, Albert; Tubau, Isabel; Carrera, Jesús; Pujades, Estanislao; Anson, Isabel
closedAccessJun-2010Caprock Hydromechanical Changes during CO2 Sequestration In Deep Saline AquifersVilarrasa, Víctor; Olivella, Sebastià; Carrera, Jesús
closedAccessApr-2011Characterization and Injection Tests Planned at the Hontomin CO2 Injection SiteCarrera, Jesús; Silva, Orlando; Pérez-Estaún, Andrés; Fuentes, José L.; Mateos, Félix; Montoto, Modesto
openAccess2011Characterization and working programme of Hontomín CO2 injection site (Spain). Monitoring, Hydrogeochemical Characterization and Injection TestsCarrera, Jesús; Silva, Orlando; Rötting, Tobias; Carbonell, Ramón; Vilarrasa, Víctor; Pérez-Estaún, Andrés; CIUDEN's research group
closedAccessDec-2012Characterization of transport parameters during limestone dissolution experimentsLuquot, Linda; Rötting, Tobias; Casalinuovo, Diosenia; Carrera, Jesús
closedAccessApr-2013Characterization of transport parameters during limestone dissolution experimentsLuquot, Linda; Rötting, Tobias; Casalinuovo, Diosenia; Carrera, Jesús
closedAccessApr-2013CO2 injection along a pipeline with transient approachBezos, Víctor; Carrera, Jesús; Slooten, Luit Jan; Silva Rojas, Orlando; Bear, Jacob; Kitro-Belinkov, Myra
closedAccess2011CO2 injection in deep saline sloping aquifers through a vertical wellVilarrasa, Víctor; Olivella, Sebastià; Carrera, Jesús
closedAccess19-May-2015Controlling factors of wormhole growth in karst aquifersCabeza, Y.; Hidalgo, Juan José; Carrera, Jesús
openAccess2010Coupled hydromechanical modeling of CO2 sequestration in deep saline aquifersVilarrasa, Víctor; Bolster, Diogo; Olivella, Sebastià; Carrera, Jesús
closedAccessMay-2010Coupled hydromechanical modelling of CO2 injection in deep saline aquifersVilarrasa, Víctor; Carrera, Jesús; Olivella, Sebastià