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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess20102-Aminohydroxamic acid derivatives as inhibitors of Bacillus cereus phosphatidylcholine preferred phospholipase C PC-PLCBcGonzález-Bulnes, Patricia; González-Roura, Albert; Canals, Daniel; Delgado, Antonio; Casas, Josefina; Llebaria Soldevilla, Amadeu
closedAccess2011A Novel Mechanism of Lysosomal Acid Sphingomyelinase Maturation: Requirement for Carboxyl-Terminal Proteolytic ProcessingJenkins, Russell W.; Idkowiak-Baldys, Jolanta; Simbari, Fabio; Canals, Daniel; Roddy, Patrick; Riner, Clarke D.; Clarke, Christopher J.; Hannun, Yusuf A.
closedAccess4-May-2007Aminocyclitols as Pharmacological Chaperones for Glucocerebrosidase, a Defective Enzyme in Gaucher DiseaseEgido-Gabás, Meritxell; Canals, Daniel; Casas Brugulat, Josefina; Llebaria Soldevilla, Amadeu; Delgado Cirilo, Antonio
closedAccess6-Sep-2005The first cytochrome P450 in ferns. Evidence for its involvement in phytoecdysteroid biosynthesis in Polypodium vulgareCanals, Daniel; Irurre-Santilari, Josep; Casas Brugulat, Josefina
closedAccess2011Regulation of CC Ligand 5/RANTES by Acid Sphingomyelinase and Acid CeramidaseJenkins, Russell W.; Clarke, Christopher J.; Canals, Daniel; Snider, Ashley J.; Gault, Christopher R.; Heffernan-Stroud, Linda; Wu, Bill X.; Simbari, Fabio; Roddy, Patrick; Kitatani, Kazuyuki, et al
closedAccess1-Jan-2007Solid-phase synthesis of a combinatorial library of dihydroceramide analogues and its activity in human alveolar epithelial cells.Villorbina, Gemma; Canals, Daniel; Carde, Lydia; Grijalvo, Santiago; Pascual, Rosalia; Rabal, Obdulia; Teixidó, Jordi; Fabriàs, Gemma; Llebaria Soldevilla, Amadeu; Casas Brugulat, Josefina, et al