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2014A new software to analyse wood anatomical features in conifer speciesHeres, A.M.; López, B. C.; Gil, D.; Camarero, Jesús Julio; Martínez Vilalta, J.Póster
2013A retrospective, dual-isotope approach reveals individual predispositions to winter-drought induced tree dieback in the southernmost distribution limit of Scots pineVoltas, J.; Camarero, Jesús Julio; Carulla, D.; Aguilera, M.; Ortiz, A.; Ferrio, J.P.Artículo
2012Acorn production is linked to secondary growth but not to declining carbohydrate concentrations in current-year shoots of two oak speciesAlla, A.Q.; Camarero, Jesús Julio; Maestro Martínez, Melchor; Montserrat-Martí, GabrielArtículo
2013Age-related drought sensitivity of Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica) in the Moroccan Middle Atlas forestsLinares, Juan Carlos; Taïqui, L.; Sangüesa-Barreda, G.; Seco, J.I.; Camarero, Jesús JulioArtículo
Oct-2010An increase in canopy cover leads to masting in QuercusilexCamarero, Jesús Julio; Albuixech, Jorge; López-Lozano, Raúl; Casterad, M. Auxiliadora; Montserrat-Martí, GabrielArtículo
Sep-2012Análisis comparativo de diferentes índices de sequía para aplicaciones ecológicas, agrícolas e hidrológicasVicente Serrano, Sergio M.; Beguería, Santiago; Lorenzo-Lacruz, Jorge; Camarero, Jesús Julio; López-Moreno, Juan I.; Azorín-Molina, César; Revuelto, Jesús; Morán-Tejeda, Enrique; Sánchez-Lorenzo, ArturoComunicación de congreso
2012Arboreal and prostrate conifers coexisting in Mediterranean high mountains differ in their climatic responsesGarcía-Cervigón, Ana I.; Olano Mendoza, J. M.; Eugenio Gozalbo, M.; Camarero, Jesús JulioArtículo
2013Assessing the capability of multi-scale drought datasets to quantify drought severity and to identify drought impacts: An example in the Ebro BasinMorán-Tejeda, Enrique; Ceglar, Andrej; Medved-Cvikl, Barbara; Vicente Serrano, Sergio M.; López-Moreno, Juan I.; González-Hidalgo, José C.; Revuelto, Jesús; Lorenzo-Lacruz, Jorge; Camarero, Jesús Julio; Pasho, EdmondArtículo
12-Sep-2013Assessment of Multi-Scale Drought Datasets for Multi-Disciplinary ApplicationsVicente Serrano, Sergio M.; Ceglar, Andrej; Morán-Tejeda, Enrique; Medved-Cvikl, Barbara; González-Hidalgo, José C.; Camarero, Jesús Julio; Pasho, EdmondPresentación
Apr-2007Climate increases regional tree-growth variability in Iberian pine forestsAndreu, Laia; Gutiérrez, Emilia; Macias, Marc; Ribas, Montse; Bosch, Oriol; Camarero, Jesús JulioArtículo
2012Climatic drivers of tree growth and recent recruitment at the Pyrenean alpine tree Line ecotoneBatllori, Enric; Camarero, Jesús Julio; Gutiérrez, E.Capítulo de libro
2012Climatic impacts and drought control of radial growth and seasonal wood formation in Pinus halepensisPasho, Edmond; Camarero, Jesús Julio; Vicente Serrano, Sergio M.Artículo
May-2010Competition modulates the adaptation capacity of forests to climatic stress: insights from recent growth decline and death in relict stands of the Mediterranean fir Abies pinsapoLinares, Juan Carlos; Camarero, Jesús Julio; Carreira, José AntonioArtículo
2012Contrasting responses of radial growth and wood anatomy to climate in a Mediterranean ring-porous oak: Implications for its future persistence or why the variance matters more than the meanAlla, A.Q.; Camarero, Jesús JulioArtículo
2013Contrasting seasonal overlaps between primary and secondary growth are linked to wood anatomy in Mediterranean sub-shrubsCamarero, Jesús Julio; Palacio, Sara; Montserrat-Martí, GabrielArtículo
2013Contrasting vulnerability and resilience to drought-induced decline of densely planted vs. natural rear-edge Pinus nigra forestsSánchez-Salguero, R.; Camarero, Jesús Julio; Dobbertin, M.; Fernández-Cancio, T.; Vilà-Cabrera, A.; Manzanedo, R.D.; Zavala, M.A.; Navarro-Cerrillo, R.M.Artículo
Oct-2010Current regeneration patterns at the tree line in the Pyrenees indicate similar recruitment processes irrespective of the past disturbance regimeBatllori, Enric; Camarero, Jesús Julio; Gutiérrez, EmiliaArtículo
2013Declining pine growth in Central Spain coincides with increasing diurnal temperature range since the 1970sBüntgen, U.; Martínez-Peña, F.; Aldea, J.; Rigling, A; Fischer, E.M.; Camarero, Jesús Julio; Hayes, M.J.; Fatton, V.; Egli, S.Artículo
2013Dendrochronology course in Valsaín forest, Segovia, SpainTouchan, R.; Camarero, Jesús JulioArtículo
2014Developmental instability as an index of adaptation to drought stress in a Mediterranean oakNuche, Paloma; Komac, Benjamin; Camarero, Jesús Julio; Alados, Concepción L.Artículo

Showing results 1 to 20 of 86