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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess7-Apr-2009“AcCoA”lade for Energy and Life SpanCabo, Rafael de; Navas, Plácido
closedAccess11-Oct-2006Adaptations to oxidative stress induced by vitamin E deficiency in rat liverCabo, Rafael de; Burgess, John R.; Navas, Plácido
openAccess23-Apr-2009Cell Survival from Chemotherapy Depends on NF-κB Transcriptional Up-Regulation of Coenzyme Q Biosynthesis.Brea-Calvo, Gloria; Siendones, Emilio; Sánchez-Alcázar, José Antonio; Cabo, Rafael de; Navas, Plácido
openAccess29-Dec-2009CYB5R3: a key player in aerobic metabolism and aging?Cabo, Rafael de; Siendones, Emilio; Minor, Robin K.; Navas, Plácido
closedAccess9-Jul-2008Mitochondrial biogenesis and healthy agingLópez-Lluch, Guillermo; Irusta, Pablo M.; Navas, Plácido; Cabo, Rafael de
openAccess23-Feb-2009NQR1 controls lifespan by regulating the promotion of respiratory metabolism in yeastJiménez-Hidalgo, María; Santos-Ocaña, Carlos; Padilla, Sergio; Villalba, José M.; López-Lluch, Guillermo; Martín-Montalvo, Alejandro; Minor, Robin K.; Sinclair, David A.; Cabo, Rafael de; Navas, Plácido
openAccess19-Feb-2008Nrf2 mediates cancer protection but not prolongevity induced by caloric restrictionPearson, Kevin J.; Lewis, Kaitlyn N.; Price, Nathan L.; Chang, Joy W.; Poosala, Suresh; Csiszar, Anna; Ungvari, Zoltan; Kensler, Thomas W.; Yamamoto, Masayuki; Egan, Josephine M., et al
closedAccess8-Oct-2010NRF2, cancer and calorie restrictionMartín-Montalvo, Alejandro; Villalba, José M.; Navas, Plácido; Cabo, Rafael de
openAccess3-Jul-2008Resveratrol Delays Age-Related Deterioration and Mimics Transcriptional Aspects of Dietary Restriction without Extending Life SpanPearson, Kevin J.; Baur, Joseph A.; Lewis, Kaitlyn N.; Peshkin, Leonid; Price, Nathan L.; Labinskyy, Nazar; Swindell, William R.; Kamara, Davida; Minor, Robin K.; Pérez, Evelin, et al
closedAccess1-Nov-2006Resveratrol improves health and survival of mice on a high-calorie dietBaur, Joseph A.; Pearson, Kevin J.; Price, Nathan L.; Jamieson, Hamish A.; Lerin, Carles; Kalra, Avash; Prabhu, Vinayakumar V.; Allard, Joanne S.; López-Lluch, Guillermo; Lewis, Kaitlyn N., et al
closedAccess16-Mar-2007The importance of plasma membrane coenzyme Q in aging and stress responsesNavas, Plácido; Villalba, José M.; Cabo, Rafael de