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openAccessmec12064.pdf.jpg2012High gene flow on a continental scale in the polyandrous Kentish plover Charadrius alexandrinusKüpper, Clemes; Edwards, Scott V.; Kosztolányi, András; Alrashidi, M.; Burke, Terry; Herrmann, P.; Argüelles-Tico, A.; Amat, Juan A. ; Amezian, M.; Rocha, Afonso; Hötker, Hermann; Ivanov, A.; Chernicko, J.; Székely, Tamásartículo
openAccessKupper_08_174.pdf.jpgDec-2009Kentish versus snow y Plover : PhenotyPic and Genetic analyses of Charadrius alex andrinus reveal divergence of eurasian and american subspeciesKüpper, Clemes; Agustin, Jacob; Kosztolányi, András; Burke, Terry; Figuerola, Jordi  ; SzéKely, Tamásartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgAug-2017Parnassius apollo nevadensis: identification of recent population structure and source–sink dynamicsMira, Óscar; Sánchez-Prieto, Cristina B.; Dawson, Deborah A.; Burke, Terry; Tinaut, Alberto; Martínez, Juan G.artículo
openAccessRazgour_Diversity  Distributions_Manuscript_with figures.pdf.jpg2014Scale-dependent effects of landscape variables on gene flow and population structure in batsRazgour, Orly; Rebelo, Hugo; Puechmaille, Sébastien J.; Juste, Javier ; Ibáñez, Carlos ; Kiefer, Andreas; Burke, Terry; Dawson, Deborah A.; Jones, Garethartículo
openAccessele12158.pdf.jpg2013The shaping of genetic variation in edge-of-range populations under past and future climate changeRazgour, Orly; Juste, Javier ; Ibáñez, Carlos ; Kiefer, Andreas; Rebelo, Hugo; Puechmaille, Sébastien J.; Arlettaz, Raphaël; Burke, Terry; Dawson, Deborah A.; Beaumont, Mark; Jones, Garethartículo