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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Canonical BMP7 activity is required for the generation of discrete neuronal populations in the dorsal spinal cordDréau, G. le; Garcia-Campmany, Lidia; Rabadán, M. Angeles; Ferronha, Tiago; Tozer, Samuel; Briscoe, James; Martí, ElisaArtículo
2010Distinct Sonic Hedgehog signaling dynamics specify floor plate and ventral neuronal progenitors in the vertebrate neural tubeCayuso, Jordi; Martí, Elisa; Briscoe, JamesArtículo
2011Epithelial organisation revealed by a network of cellular contactsEscudero, Luis M.; Da F. Costa, Luciano; Kicheva, Anna.; Briscoe, James; Freeman, Matthew; Babu, MadanArtículo
2010Foxj1 regulates floor plate cilia architecture and modifies the response of cells to sonic hedgehog signallingCayuso, Jordi; Martí, Elisa; Briscoe, JamesArtículo
2012Jagged2 controls the generation of motor neuron and oligodendrocyte progenitors in the ventral spinal cordRabadán, M. Angeles; Cayuso, Jordi; Dréau, G. le; Cruz, Catarina; Barzi, Mercedes; Pons, Sebastià; Briscoe, James; Martí, ElisaArtículo
2012Temporal control of BMP signalling determines neuronal subtype identity in the dorsal neural tubeTozer, Samuel; Dréau, G. le; Martí, Elisa; Briscoe, JamesArtículo

Showing results 1 to 6 of 6