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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Jul-200224Abbink, Klaus; Brandts, JordiDocumento de trabajo
1-Feb-2002Asymmetric demand information in uniform and discriminatory call auctions: an experimental analysis motivated by electricity marketsAbbink, Klaus; Brandts, Jordi; McDaniel, TangaDocumento de trabajo
1-Nov-2002Auctions for Government Securities: A Laboratory Comparison of Uniform, Discriminatory and Spanish DesignsAbbink, Klaus; Brandts, Jordi; Pezanis-Christou, PaulDocumento de trabajo
2-Mar-2004A Change Would Do You Good . . . An Experimental Study on How to Overcome Coordination Failure in OrganizationsBrandts, Jordi; Cooper, David J.Documento de trabajo
15-Jul-2004Collusion and Fights in an Experiment with Price-Setting Firms and Production in AdvanceBrandts, Jordi; Guillén, PabloDocumento de trabajo
1-Feb-2005Collusion in Growing and Shrinking Markets: Empirical Evidence from Experimental DuopoliesAbbink, Klaus; Brandts, JordiDocumento de trabajo
15-Apr-2004Competition and Well-BeingBrandts, Jordi; Riedl, Arno; Winden, Frans vanDocumento de trabajo
17-Jul-2003Competition with Forward Contracts: A Laboratory Analysis Motivated by Electricity Market DesignBrandts, Jordi; Pezanis-Christou, Paul; Schram, ArthurDocumento de trabajo
Dec-2009Competitive rivalry, social disposition, and subjective well-being: An experimentBrandts, Jordi; Riedl, Arno; Van Winden, FransArtículo
2001Cooperation and noise in public goods experiments: Applying the contribution function approachBrandts, Jordi; Schram, ArthurArtículo
2008Cooperation in VCM Experiments: Results Using the Contribution Function ApproachBrandts, Jordi; Schram, ArthurCapítulo de libro
2004Do labour market conditions affect gift exchange? Some experimental evidenceBrandts, Jordi; Charness, GaryArtículo
1-Dec-2001Do market conditions affect gift exchange? Evidence from experimental markets with excess supply and excess demandBrandts, Jordi; Charness, GaryDocumento de trabajo
2007Editors'prefaceBrandts, Jordi; Cason, TimArtículo
1-Sep-2006Entry and Market Selection of Firms: A Laboratory StudyBrandts, Jordi; Ebru Giritligil, AyçaDocumento de trabajo
2010Experimental economics as part of economic scienceBrandts, JordiPresentación
1-Jul-2000Fair Procedures. Evidence from Games Involving LotteriesBolton, Gary E.; Brandts, Jordi; Ockenfels, AxelDocumento de trabajo
27-Aug-2003Forward induction and the excess capacity puzzle: An experimental investigationBrandts, Jordi; Cabrales, Antonio; Charness, GaryDocumento de trabajo
15-Mar-2007Frames and GamesBrandts, Jordi; Schwieren, ChristianeDocumento de trabajo
2012Gender pairings and accountability effectsBrandts, Jordi; Garofalo, O.Artículo

Showing results 1 to 20 of 45