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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014A list of and some comments about the trail pheromones of antsCerdá, Xim; Van Oudenhove, Louise; Bernstein, C.; Boulay, RaphaëlArtículo
2010A temporary social parasite of tropical plant-ants improves the fitness of a myrmecophyteDejean, A.; Leroy, C.; Corbara, B.; Céréghino, Régis; Roux, O.; Hèrault, B.; Rossi, V.; Guerrero, R.J.; Delabie, J.H.C.; Boulay, RaphaëlArtículo
2013A year in an ant's life: Opportunism and seasonal variation in the foraging ecology of aphaenogaster senilisCaut, Stéphane; Barroso, Ángel; Cerdá, Xim; Amor, Fernando; Boulay, RaphaëlArtículo
2012Behaviour-mediated group size effect constrains reproductive decisions in a social insectRuel, Camille; Cerdá, Xim; Boulay, RaphaëlArtículo
2009Brood development into sexual females depends on the presence of a queen but not on temperature in an ant dispersing by colony fission, Aphaenogaster senilisBoulay, Raphaël; Cerdá, Xim; fertin, Arnold; Ichinose, K.; Lenoir, AlainArtículo
2012Chemical integration of myrmecophilous guests in Aphaenogaster ant nestsLenoir, Alain; Chalon, Q.; Carvajal, Ana; Ruel, Camille; Barroso, Ángel; Lackner, T.; Boulay, RaphaëlArtículo
2003Colony insularity through queen control on worker social motivation in antsBoulay, Raphaël; Katzav-Gozansky, T.; Vander Meer, R.K.; Hefetz, AbrahamArtículo
2009Development of single sequence repeat markers for the ant Aphaenogaster senilis and cross-species amplification in A. iberica, A . gibbosa, A. subterranea and Messor maroccanusGalarza, Juan A.; Boulay, Raphaël; Cerdá, Xim; Federici, P.; Magalon, H.; Monnin, T.; Rico, CiroArtículo
2013Dispersal of non-myrmecochorous plants by a >keystone disperser> ant in a Mediterranean habitat reveals asymmetric interdependenceBarroso, Ángel; Amor, Fernando; Cerdá, Xim; Boulay, RaphaëlArtículo
2007Efecto de una especie invasora, Linepithema humile, la hormiga argentina, sobre la biodiversidad del Parque Nacional de Doñana (Huelva): descripción de las interacciones con las hormigas nativas.Angulo, Elena; Boulay, Raphaël; Rodrigo, Anselm; Retana, Javier; Cerdá, XimCapítulo de libro
2010Effect of ant predation and abiotic factors on the mortality of medfly larvae, Ceratitis capitata, in the Argan forest of Western MoroccoEl Keroumi, A.; Naamani, K.; Dahbi, A.; Luque, Isabel; Carvajal, Ana; Cerdá, Xim; Boulay, RaphaëlArtículo
2006Foraging by fearful frugivores: combined effect of fruit ripening and predation riskFedriani, José M.; Boulay, RaphaëlArtículo
Apr-2012Frequent colony relocations do not result in effective dispersal in the gypsy ant Aphaenogaster senilisGalarza, Juan A.; Jovani, Roger; Cerdá, Xim; Rico, Ciro; Barroso, Ángel; Boulay, RaphaëlArtículo
2007Geographic and temporal variation in the ant-seed dispersal assemblage of the perennial herb Helleborus foetidus L. (Ranunculaceae)Manzaneda, Antonio J.; Rey, Pedro J.; Boulay, RaphaëlArtículo
2007Geographic variation in the adaptive landscape for seed size at dispersal in the myrmecochorous Helleborus foetidusAlcántara, Julio M.; Rey, Pedro J.; Manzaneda, Antonio J.; Boulay, Raphaël; Ramírez, José M.; Fedriani, José M.Artículo
Mar-2006Geographic variations in Helleborus foetidus elaiosome lipid composition: implications for dispersal by antsBoulay, Raphaël; Coll Toledano, Josep; Cerdá, XimArtículo
Mar-2007Geographic variations in seed dispersal by ants: are plant and seed traits decisive?Boulay, Raphaël; Coll Toledano, Josep; Manzaneda, Antonio J.; Cerdá, XimArtículo
2006Habitually used hibernation sites of paper wasps are marked with venom and cuticular peptidesTurillazzi, S.; Dapporto, L.; Pansolli, C,; Boulay, Raphaël; Dani, FR.; Moneti, G.; Poeraccini, G.Artículo
2004In nest environment modulates nestmate recognition in the ant Camponotus fellahKatzav-Gozansky, T.; Boulay, Raphaël; Vander Meer, R.K.; Hefetz, AbrahamArtículo
2005Indirect effects of alternative food resources in an ant-plant interactionBoulay, Raphaël; Fedriani, José M.; Manzaneda, Antonio J.; Cerdá, XimArtículo

Showing results 1 to 20 of 43