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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess19971-heptene, 3-heptenes and cumene as modelcompounds of SBSblockcopolymers. Study of their photoreactions in the presence of photoinitiators of polymerizationBosch, Paula; Mateo, J. L.; Serrano, J.
closedAccess2008A neutral DNA sequence-selective vector for interaction studies: Fluorescence binding experiments directed towards a carbohydrate-DNA carrierPeñalver, Pablo; Abdelouahid, Samadi; Bosch, Paula; Hunter, Christopher A.; Vicent, Cristina
closedAccess2011A new detector for metal cations based on the combined effect of photoinduced electron transfer and a light harvesting systemGrabcheva, Ivo; Bosch, Paula; Staneva, Dessislava
closedAccess2010Bioapplications of Networks Based on Photo-Cross-Linked Hyperbranched PolymersPedron, Sara; Anseth, Kristi S.; Benton, Julie A.; Bosch, Paula; Peinado, Carmen
closedAccess2004Chemiluminescence study of commercial type-B gelatinesAbrusci, C.; Martín-González, A.; Amo, A. del; Catalina, Fernando; Bosch, Paula; Corrales, Teresa
closedAccess2009Design and Synthesis of Highly Photostable Yellow–Green Emitting 1,8-Naphthalimides as Fluorescent Sensors for Metal Cations and ProtonsBojinov, Vladimir B.; Georgiev, Nikolai I.; Bosch, Paula
closedAccess2015Fluorescent Hydrogel-Textile Composite Material Synthesized by PhotopolymerizationStaneva, Dessislava; Grabchev, Ivo; Bosch, Paula
closedAccess2005Fluorescent probes for sensing processes in polymersBosch, Paula; Catalina, Fernando; Corrales, Teresa; Peinado, Carmen
closedAccess2014Modification of UV-cured epoxy resins with fluorescent sensors through photopolymerization and click chemistry reactions and preparation of polarity-sensitive filmsMedel, Sandra; Bosch, Paula; Sangermano, Marco
closedAccess2000New fluorescent probes for monitoring polymerisation reactions - 1. Synthesis, solvatochromism and emission propertiesBosch, Paula; Fernández-Arizpe, A.; Mateo, J. L.; Lozano, Ángel E.; Noheda Marín, Pedro
closedAccess2004New fluorescent probes for monitoring the polymerization reaction Part 3: pulsed-laser polymerization of acrylic adhesivesBosch, Paula; Fernández-Arizpe, A.; Mateo, Jose Luis; Corrales, Teresa; Peinado, Carmen
closedAccess2002New fluorescent probes for monitoring the polymerization reaction: p-vinyliden derivatives of N,N-dimethylaminoaryl compoundsBosch, Paula; Fernández-Arizpe, A.; Mateo, J. L.; Catalina, Fernando; Peinado, Carmen
closedAccess1997Photochemistry and photoinitiator properties of novel 1-chloro-substituted thioxanthones. III: Preliminary study of the photoacid generationShah, Milla; Allen, Norman S.; Salleh, Nik G.; Corrales, Teresa; Egde, Michele; Catalina, Fernando; Bosch, Paula; Green, Arthur
closedAccess2014Studying pH dependence of the photophysical properties of a blue emitting fluorescent PAMAM dendrimer and evaluation of its sensor potentialStaneva, Desislava; Bosch, Paula; Asiri, Abdullah M.; Taib, Layla A.; Grabchev, Ivo
closedAccess2010Synthesis and characterization of degradable bioconjugated hydrogels with hyperbranched multifunctional cross-linkersPedron, Sara; Peinado, Carmen; Bosch, Paula; Anseth, Kristi S.
closedAccess2009The synthesis of anovel1,8-naphthalimidebasedPAMAM-typedendron and its potential for light-harvestingMcKenna, Mark D.; Grabchev, Ivo; Bosch, Paula
closedAccess2012Ultrasonicsynthesis and spectralcharacterization of anewbluefluorescentdendrimer as highlyselectivechemosensor for Fe3+cationsStaneva, Desislava; Bosch, Paula; Grabchevc, Ivo
closedAccess2008Using hyperbranched macromers as crosslinkers of methacrylic networks prepared by photopolymerizationPedrón, Sara; Bosch, Paula; Peinado, Carmen