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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess23-Jun-2006A complex plumage pattern as an honest social signalBortolotti, Gary R.; Blas, Julio; Negro, Juan J.; Tella, José Luis
openAccessApr-2005A multi-tier approach to identifying environmental stress in altricial nestling birdsBlas, Julio; Baos, Raquel; Marchant, Tracy A.; Bortolotti, Gary R.; Hiraldo, F.
openAccess2004Adaptive allocation of stress-induced deformities on bird feathersBlas, Julio; Jovani, Roger
openAccess2008Adrenal Toxicology in Birds: Environmental Contaminants and the Avian Response to StressBaos, Raquel; Blas, Julio
openAccessOct-2006Adrenocortical Response to Stress and Thyroid Hormone Status in Free-Living Nestling White Storks (Ciconia ciconia) Exposed to Heavy Metal and Arsenic ContaminationBaos, Raquel; Blas, Julio; Bortolotti, Gary R.
openAccessAug-2009Age-related improvement in reproductive performance in a long-lived raptor: a cross-sectional and longitudinal studyBlas, Julio; Sergio, Fabrizio; Hiraldo, F.
closedAccessSep-2006Age-related variation in the adrenocortical response to stress in nestling white storks (Ciconia ciconia) supports the developmental hypothesisBlas, Julio; Baos, Raquel; Bortolotti, Gary R.; Marchant, Tracy A.; Hiraldo, F.
openAccess2003Aguililla calzada, Hieraaetus pennatusRomán Muñoz Gallego, A.; Blas, Julio
closedAccess2014Behaviour-related DRD4 polymorphisms in invasive bird populationsMueller, Jacob C.; Edelaar, Pim; Carrete, Martina; Serrano, David; Potti, Jaime; Blas, Julio; Dingemanse, Niels J.; Kempenaers, Bart; Tella, José Luis
openAccessDec-2003Bib liografía sobre ornitología española y de ambientes mediterráneos aparecida en revistas científicasCopete, José Luis; Arcos, José Manuel; Arriero, Elena; Blas, Julio; Jovani, Roger; Morales, Judith; Rodríguez, Carlos; Sol, Daniel; Tomás, Gustavo
openAccess2013Carotenoids and skin coloration in a social raptorBlas, Julio; Cabezas, Sonia; Figuerola, Jordi; López, Lidia; Tanferna, Alessandro; Hiraldo, F.; Sergio, Fabrizio; Negro, Juan J.
openAccess1999Causes and consequences of territory change and breeding dispersal distance in the black kiteForero, Manuela G.; Donázar, José A.; Blas, Julio; Hiraldo, F.
openAccess1-Jul-2008Cell-mediated immune activation rapidly decreases plasma carotenoids but does not affect oxidative stress in red-legged partridges (Alectoris rufa)Pérez-Rodríguez, Lorenzo; Mougeot, François; Alonso-Álvarez, Carlos; Blas, Julio; Viñuela, Javier; Bortolotti, Gary R.
closedAccessJul-2006Condition and androgen levels: are condition-dependent and testosterone-mediated traits two sides of the same coin?Pérez-Rodríguez, Lorenzo; Blas, Julio; Viñuela, Javier; Marchant, Tracy A.; Bortolotti, Gary R.
openAccessMay-2011Coping with uncertainty: breeding adjustments to an unpredictable environment in an opportunistic raptorSergio, Fabrizio; Blas, Julio; López, Lidia; Tanferna, Alessandro; Díaz-Delgado, Ricardo; Donázar, José A.; Hiraldo, F.
openAccessJun-2008Corticosterone in feathers is a long-term, integrated measure of avian stress physiologyBortolotti, Gary R.; Marchant, Tracy A.; Blas, Julio; German, T.
openAccess2012Different Location Sampling Frequencies by Satellite Tags Yield Different Estimates of Migration Performance: Pooling Data Requires a Common ProtocolTanferna, Alessandro; López-Jiménez, Lidia; Blas, Julio; Hiraldo, F.; Sergio, Fabrizio
openAccessFeb-2012Don’t neglect pre-establishment individual selection in deliberate introductionsCarrete, Martina; Edelaar, Pim; Blas, Julio; Serrano, David; Potti, Jaime; Dingemanse, Niels J.; Tella, José Luis
openAccessJul-2011Experimental Tests of Endocrine Function in Breeding and Nonbreeding RaptorsBlas, Julio; Fabrizio, Sergio; Wingfield, John C.; Hiraldo, F.
openAccessJun-2010Fault bars and the risk of feather damage in cranesJovani, Roger; Blas, Julio; Stoffel, M.J.; Bortolotti, L.E.; Bortolotti, Gary R.