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openAccessNov-1998A Comparison of Spectrophotometry and Color Charts for Evaluating Total Plasma Carotenoids in Wild BirdsTella, José Luis; Negro, Juan J.; Rodríguez-Estrella, Ricardo; Blanco, Guillermo; Forero, Manuela G.; Blázquez, M.C.; Hiraldo, F.Artículo
openAccess2002Absence of haematozoa on colonial White Storks Ciconia ciconia throughout their distribution range in SpainJovani, Roger; Tella, José Luis; Blanco, Guillermo; Bertellotti, MarceloArtículo
openAccessPlosOne_2015_V10_e0141759.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2015Age-Related Relationships between Innate Immunity and Plasma Carotenoids in an Obligate Avian ScavengerLópez-Rull, Isabel; Hornero-Méndez, Dámaso; Frías, Óscar; Blanco, GuillermoArtículo
openAccessBlanco Ibis156 p668 2014.pdf.jpg2014Allometric deviations of plasma carotenoids in raptorsBlanco, Guillermo; Bautista, Luis M. ; Hornero-Méndez, Dámaso; Lambertucci, Guillermo W.; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Hiraldo, Fernando; Donázar, José A.Artículo
openAccessBIOC-D-13-00894R1.pdf.jpg2014Apex scavenger movements call for transboundary conservation policiesLambertucci, Sergio A.; Alarcón, Pablo A.E.; Hiraldo, F.; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Blanco, Guillermo; Donázar, José A.Artículo
openAccessJovani_et _al_Waterbirds_2001.pdf.jpgMay-2001Apparent Absence of Blood Parasites in the Patagonian Seabird Community: Is it Related to the Marine Environment?Jovani, Roger; Tella, José Luis; Forero, Manuela G.; Bertellotti, Marcelo; Blanco, Guillermo; Ceballos, Olga; Donázar, José A.Artículo
openAccesspyrpir_v1.pdf.jpg23-Feb-2015Chova piquirroja – Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax (Linnaeus, 1758)Cuevas, Jesús Ángel; Blanco, Guillermo; Salvador Milla, AlfredoInforme Técnico
openAccessecology02.pdf.jpg2002Conspecific food competition explains variability in colony size: A test in Magellanic PenguinsForero, Manuela G.; Tella, José Luis; Hobson, Keith A.; Bertellotti, Marcelo; Blanco, GuillermoArtículo
openAccesswarerbirds.pdf.jpg2002Determining sex of Magellanic Penguins using molecular procedures and discriminant functionsBertellotti, Marcelo; Tella, José Luis; Godoy, José A.; Blanco, Guillermo; Forero, Manuela G.; Donázar, José A.; Ceballos, OlgaArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Diclofenac Approval as a Threat to Spanish VulturesMargalida, Antoni; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Blanco, Guillermo; Hiraldo, F.; Donázar, José A.Artículo
openAccessJan-2000Diet Explains Interpopulation Variation of Plasma Carotenoids and Skin Pigmentation in Nestling White StorksNegro, Juan José; Tella, José Luis; Blanco, Guillermo; Forero, Manuela G.; Garrido Fernández, J.Artículo
openAccessPhysiolBiochem.pdf.jpg2000Diet explains interpopulation variation of plasma carotenoids and skin pigmentation in nestling white storksNegro, Juan J.; Tella, José Luis; Blanco, Guillermo; Forero, Manuela G.; Garrido-Fernández, JuanArtículo
openAccessOct-2003Ecological, morphological and phylogenetic correlates of interspecific variation in plasma carotenoid concentration in birdsTella, José Luis; Figuerola, Jordi; Negro, Juan J.; Blanco, Guillermo; Rodríguez-Estrella, Ricardo; Forero, Manuela G.; Blázquez, M.C.; Hiraldo, F.Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2002Effects of forestry and other land-use practices on the conservation of cinereous vulturesDonázar, José A.; Blanco, Guillermo; Hiraldo, F.; Soto-Largo, E.; Oria, J.Artículo
closedAccess10-Jun-2009Effects of habitat degradation on the abundance, richness and diversity of raptors across Neotropical biomesCarrete, Martina; Tella, José Luis; Blanco, Guillermo; Bertellotti, MarceloArtículo
openAccess1998Effects of nest-site availability and distribution on density-dependent clutch size and laying date in the Chough Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocoraxBlanco, Guillermo; Fargallo, Juan A.; Cuevas, Jesús A.; Tella, José LuisArtículo
closedAccess2-Aug-2005Environmental-induced acquisition of nuptial plumage expression: a role of denaturation of feather carotenoproteins?Blanco, Guillermo; Frías, Óscar; Garrido Fernández, J.; Hornero-Méndez, DámasoArtículo
closedAccessBautista EurJWildRes59 p815 2013.pdf.jpg2013Faecal sexual steroids in sex typing and endocrine status of great bustardsBautista, Luis M. ; Silván, Gema; Cáceres, Sara; Martínez-Fernández, Leticia; Bravo, Carolina; Illera, Juan Carlos; Alonso López, Juan C.; Blanco, GuillermoArtículo
openAccess2012Feather mites (Acari: Astigmata) and body condition of their avian hosts: a large correlative studyGalván, Ismael; Aguilera, Eduardo; Atiénzar, Francisco; Barba, Emilio; Cantó, José L.; Blanco, Guillermo; Cortés, Verónica; Óscar, Frías; Vögeli, Matthias; Jovani, RogerArtículo
openAccessJ.avianBiol.pdf.jpg2001Feather mites on birds: Costs of parasitism or conditional outcomes?Blanco, Guillermo; Tella, José Luis; Potti, Jaime; Baz, ArturoArtículo