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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2012A 12-gene expression signature is associated with aggressive histological in prostate cancer: SEC14L1 and TCEB1 genes are potential markers of progressionHernández, Silvia; Bermudo, Raquel
openAccess30-Oct-2008Co-regulation analysis of closely linked genes identifies a highly recurrent gain on chromosome 17q25.3 in prostate cancerBermudo, Raquel; Abia, David; Ferrer, Berta; Nayach, Iracema; Benguria, Alberto; Zaballos, Ángel; Rey, Javier del; Miró, Rosa; Campo, Elías; Martínez-Alonso, Carlos, et al
closedAccess2010Discovery of genomic alterations through coregulation analysis of closely linked genes: a frequent gain in 17q25.3 in prostate cancerBermudo, Raquel; Abia, David; Benitez, Daniel; Carrió, Anna; Vilella, Ramón; Ortiz, Ángel R.; Thomson, Timothy M.; Fernández, Pedro L.
openAccess17-Aug-2005Dual activation of pathways regulated by steroid receptors and peptide growth factors in primary prostate cancer revealed by Factor Analysis of microarray dataLozano, Juan José; Soler, Marta; Bermudo, Raquel; Abia, David; Fernández, Pedro L.; Thomson, Timothy M.; Ortíz, Ángel R.
openAccess2012Epithelial-mesenchymal transition can suppress major attributes of human epithelial tumor-initiating cellsCelià-Terrassa, Toni; Meca-Cortés, Óscar; Mateo, Francesca; Martínez de Paz, Alexia; Rubio, Nuria; Bermudo, Raquel; Guerra-Rebollo, Marta; Estarás, Conchi; Ulloa, Catalina; Álvarez-Simón, Daniel, et al
closedAccess2013Regulation of protein translation and c-Jun expression by prostate tumor overexpressed 1Bermudo, Raquel; Fernández, Pedro L.; Celià-Terrassa, Toni; Thomson, Timothy M.; Paciucci, Rosana