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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess1990A novel adenylylation process in liver plasma membrane-bound proteinsSan José, Esteban; Benguria, Alberto; Villalobo, Antonio
openAccess2007The “ageing” experiment in the spanish soyuz mission to the international space stationJuan, E. de; Benguria, Alberto; Villa, Aida; Leandro, L. J.; Herranz, Raúl; Duque, Pedro; Horn, Eberhard; Medina, F. Javier; Loon, J. van; Marco, Roberto
closedAccess1992Calmodulin inhibits the epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinaseSan José, Esteban; Benguria, Alberto; Geller, P.; Villalobo, Antonio
openAccess2011Changes in the gene expression profile of A375 human melanoma cells induced by overexpression of multifunctional pigment epithelium-derived factorOrgaz, Jose L.; Benguria, Alberto; Sánchez-Martínez, Cristina; Jiménez, Benilde
openAccess30-Oct-2008Co-regulation analysis of closely linked genes identifies a highly recurrent gain on chromosome 17q25.3 in prostate cancerBermudo, Raquel; Abia, David; Ferrer, Berta; Nayach, Iracema; Benguria, Alberto; Zaballos, Ángel; Rey, Javier del; Miró, Rosa; Campo, Elías; Martínez-Alonso, Carlos, et al
openAccessApr-2007Comparative analysis of Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans gene expression experiments in the European Soyuz flights to the International Space StationLeandro, L. J.; Szewczyk, N. J.; Benguria, Alberto; Herranz, Raúl; Laván, David A.; Medina, F. Javier; Gasset, Gilbert; Loon, J. van; Conley, C. A.; Marco, Roberto
openAccessJan-2007Differential gene expression profile in omental adipose tissue in women with polycystic ovary syndromeCortón, Marta; Botella-Carretero, José I.; Benguria, Alberto; Villuendas, Gemma; Zaballos, Miguel A.; San Millán, José L.; Escobar-Morreale, Héctor F.; Peral, Belén
closedAccess1995Differential response of the epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase activity to several plant and mammalian lectinsBenguria, Alberto; André, Sabine; Gabius, Hans-J.; Villalobo, Antonio
openAccess2005Gene Expression Variations During Drosophila Metamorphosis in Space. The GENE Experiment in the Spanish Cervantes Mission to the ISSHerranz, Raúl; Benguria, Alberto; Fernandez-Pineda, Emilio; Medina, F. Javier; Gasset, Gilbert; van Loon, Jack JWA; Zaballos, Ángel; Marco, Roberto
openAccess2007The “Gene” Experiment in the Spanish Soyuz Mission to the International Space Station. Effects of cold transportationHerranz, Raúl; Laván, David A.; Benguria, Alberto; Duque, Pedro; Zaballos, Ángel; Medina, F. Javier; Van Loon, Jack JWA; Marco, Roberto; Gasset, Gilbert; Leandro, L. J.
openAccess1995Phosphorylation of calmodulin by plasma-membrane-associated protein kinase(s)Benguria, Alberto; Soriano, Montserrat; Joyal, John L.; Sacks, David B.; Villalobo, Antonio
openAccessSep-1994Phosphorylation of calmodulin by the epidermal-growth-factor-receptor tyrosine kinaseBenguria, Alberto; Hernández-Perera, Octavio; Martínez-Pastor, María Teresa; Sacks, David B.; Villalobo, Antonio
closedAccess2010Regulation of the microRNA processor DGCR8 by the tumor suppressor ING1Gómez-Cabello, Daniel; Callejas, Sergio; Benguria, Alberto; Moreno, Alberto; Alonso, Javier; Palmero, Ignacio
openAccess1-Feb-2003Sir2p suppresses recombination of replication forks stalled at the replication fork barrier of ribosomal DNA in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeBenguria, Alberto; Hernandez, Pablo; Krimer, Dora B.; Schvartzman, Jorge Bernardo
closedAccess2010Spaceflight-related suboptimal conditions can accentuate the altered gravity response of Drosophila transcriptomeHerranz, Raúl; Benguria, Alberto; Laván, David A.; López-Vidriero, Irene; Gasset, Gilbert; Medina, F. Javier; Loon, J. van; Marco, Roberto
closedAccess1999The role of gravity in the evolutionary emergence of multicellular complexity: Microgravity effects on arthropod development and agingMarco, Roberto; Díaz, C.; Benguria, Alberto; Mateos, Jesús; Mas, José A.; Juan, E. de