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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Jul-2011An experimental test of the role of environmental temperature variability on ectotherm molecular, physiological and life-history traits: Implications for global warmingFolguera, Guillermo; Caers, Jelle; Piulachs, Maria-Dolors; Bellés, XavierArtículo
2011BestiariBellés, XavierLibro
3-Nov-2010Biodiversidad que se destruye, biodiversidad que se generaBellés, XavierTrabajo de divulgación
1991Brain levels of 5-hydroxytryptamine and dopamine in Blattella germanica adult females during the first gonadotrophic cyclePastor, D.; Artigas, Francesc; Martínez, Emili; Bellés, XavierArtículo
Dec-2009Brownie, a Gene Involved in Building Complex Respiratory Devices in Insect EggshellsIrles, Paula; Bellés, Xavier; Piulachs, Maria-DolorsArtículo
21-Feb-2011Conservation of fruitless’ role as master regulator of male courtship behaviour from cockroaches to fliesClynen, Elke; Ciudad, Laura; Bellés, Xavier; Piulachs, Maria-DolorsArtículo
21-Nov-2011Conserved repressive function of Krüppel homolog 1 on insect metamorphosis in hemimetabolous and holometabolous speciesLozano, Jesús; Bellés, XavierArtículo
2010Darwin e a expresión das emociónsBellés, XavierArtículo
28-Apr-2011Deep Sequencing of Organ- and Stage-Specific microRNAs in the Evolutionarily Basal Insect Blattella germanica (L.) (Dictyoptera, Blattellidae)Cristino, Alexandre S.; Tanaka, Erica D.; Rubio, Mercedes; Piulachs, Maria-Dolors; Bellés, XavierArtículo
1-Nov-2011Identification and functional characterization of an ovarian aquaporin from the cockroach Blattella germanica L. (Dictyoptera, Blattellidae)Herraiz, Alba; Chauvigné, François; Cerdà, Joan; Bellés, Xavier; Piulachs, Maria-DolorsArtículo
30-Apr-2009Identifying genes related to choriogenesis in insect panoistic ovaries by Suppression Subtractive HybridizationPiulachs, Maria-Dolors; Irles, Paula; Bellés, XavierArtículo
2012Insect MicroRNAs: from Molecular Mechanisms to Biological RolesBellés, Xavier; Cristino, Alexandre S.; Tanaka, Erica D.; Rubio, Mercedes; Piulachs, Maria-DolorsCapítulo de libro
Sep-2010Juvenile hormone and allatostatins in the German cockroach embryoMaestro, José L.; Pascual, Núria; Treiblmayr, Karl; Lozano, Jesús; Bellés, XavierArtículo
Jun-2010Key roles of the Broad-Complex gene in insect embryogenesisPiulachs, Maria-Dolors; Pagone, Viviana; Bellés, XavierArtículo
8-Sep-2011Leucomyosuppressin modulates cardiac rhythm in the cockroach Blattella germanicaMaestro, José L.; Tobe, Stephen S.; Bellés, XavierArtículo
2012Mapping species richness of endemic macroinvertebrates by overlapping distribution mapsPalmer, Miquel; Pons, Guillem X.; Outerelo, Raimundo; Vives, Eduard; Bellés, Xavier; García, Lluc; Linde, Marta; Gómez-Pujol, Lluís; March, DavidArtículo
4-Dec-2009MicroRNA-dependent metamorphosis in hemimetabolan insectsGomez-Orte, Eva; Bellés, XavierArtículo
10-Aug-2012MicroRNAs in metamorphic and non-metamorphic transitions in hemimetabolan insect metamorphosisRubio, Mercedes; de Horna, Anibal; Bellés, XavierArtículo
2011miRNA as early markers of stress conditionsHerraiz, Alba; Montañez, Raúl; Bellés, Xavier; Piulachs, Maria-DolorsPóster
5-Oct-2012Molecular adaptation and resilience of the insect's nuclear receptor USPChaumot, Arnaud; Da Lage, Jean-Luc; Maestro, Oscar; Martin, David; Iwema, Thomas; Brunet, Frederic; Bellés, Xavier; Laudet, Vincent; Bonneton, FrançoisArtículo

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