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openAccessBiodiversidad genética.pdf.jpg2009Biodiversidad genética de organismos marinos en el Parque Nacional de Cabrera: aplicaciones para la conservaciónMacpherson, Enrique; Becerro, Mikel ; Coma, Rafael; Palacín, Cruz; Pascual, M.; Turon, Xavier; Uriz, María JesúsArtículo
closedAccess2015Can light intensity cause shifts in natural product and bacterial profiles of the sponge Aplysina aerophoba?Sacristán-Soriano, Oriol; Banaigs, Bernard; Becerro, Mikel Artículo
closedAccess2006Chemical Defenses of Cryptic and Aposematic Gastropterid Molluscs Feeding on their Host Sponge Dysidea granulosaBecerro, Mikel ; Starmer, John A.; Paul, Valerie J.Artículo
openAccess2011Chemically mediated interactions between macroalgae Dictyota spp. and multiple life-history stages of the coral Porites astreoides.Paul, Valerie J.; Kuffner, Ilsa B.; Walters, Linda J.; Ritson-Williams, Raphael; Beach, Kevin S.; Becerro, Mikel Artículo
closedAccess2016Do recreational activities affect coastal biodiversity?Riera, Rodrigo; Menci, Cristiano; Sanabria Fernández, José Antonio; Becerro, Mikel Artículo
closedAccess2006Effects of monsoon-driven wave action on coral reefs of Guam and implications for coral recruitmentBecerro, Mikel ; Bonito, Víctor; Paul, Valerie J.Artículo
openAccessNoyer et al_in press.pdf.jpg2014Environmental Heterogeneity and Microbial Inheritance Influence Sponge-Associated Bacterial Composition of Spongia lamellaNoyer, Charlotte; Casamayor, Emilio O.; Becerro, Mikel Artículo
openAccessVergés2007.pdf.jpg2007Experimental evidence of chemical deterrence against multiple herbivores in the seagrass Posidonia oceanica .Vergés, Adriana; Becerro, Mikel ; Alcoverro, Teresa; Romero, JavierArtículo
openAccess2011Exploring the Links between Natural Products and Bacterial Assemblages in the Sponge Aplysina aerophoba .Sacristan-Soriano, Oriol; Banaigs, Bernard; Casamayor, Emilio O.; Becerro, Mikel Artículo
openAccessMay-2007Finding the relevant scale: clonality and genetic structure in a marine invertebrate (Crambe crambe, Porifera)Calderón, I.; Ortega, Natalia; Duran, Sandra; Becerro, Mikel ; Pascual, M.; Turon, XavierArtículo
openAccessPerez-Portela et al_2013_Aquatic conservation_First version.pdf.jpg2014Genetic structure and diversity of the endangered bath sponge Spongia lamella.Pérez-Portela, R.; Noyer, Charlotte; Becerro, Mikel Artículo
openAccessmarinedrugs-08-01803.pdf.jpg2010Intramolecular modulation of serine protease inhibitor activity in a marine cyanobacterium with antifeedant propertiesMatthew, S.; Ratnayake, R.; Becerro, Mikel ; Ritson-Williams, Raphael; Paul, Valerie J.; Luesch, H.Artículo
openAccess2009Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci from the endangered Mediterranean sponge Spongia agaricina (Demospongiae: Dictyoceratida).Noyer, Charlotte; Agell, Gemma; Pascual, Marta; Becerro, Mikel Artículo
openAccess2010Matching spatial distributions of the sea star Echinaster sepositus and crustose coralline algae in shallow rocky Mediterranean communitiesVillamor, Adriana; Becerro, Mikel Artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0020844.pdf.jpg2011Patterns of Chemical Diversity in the Mediterranean Sponge Spongia lamella.Noyer, Charlotte; Thomas, Olivier P.; Becerro, Mikel Artículo
closedAccess2012Preface: Sponge research developmentsMaldonado, Manuel; Turon, Xavier; Becerro, Mikel ; Uriz, María JesúsArtículo
openAccess2010Quantitative comparison of bacterial communities in two Mediterranean spongesNoyer, Charlotte; Hamilton, A.; Sacristan-Soriano, Oriol; Becerro, Mikel Artículo
openAccess2008Quantitative trends in sponge ecology researchBecerro, Mikel Artículo
openAccess2011Relationship between genetic, chemical, and bacterial diversity in the Atlanto-Mediterranean bath sponge Spongia lamella.Noyer, Charlotte; Becerro, Mikel Artículo
openAccessmarinedrugs-09-02499.pdf.jpg2011Relevant Spatial Scales of Chemical Variation in Aplysina aerophoba.Sacristan-Soriano, Oriol; Banaigs, Bernard; Becerro, Mikel Artículo