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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess2008Alien flora of Europe: Species diversity, temporal trends, geographical patterns and research needsLambdon, Philip; Pyšek, Petr; Basnou, Corina; Hejda, Martin; Arianoutsou, Margarita; Essl, Franz; Jarošík, Vojtěch; Pergl, Jan; Winter, M.; Anastasiu, P.; Andriopoulos, P.; Bazos, I.; Brundu, Giuseppe; Celesti-Grapow, Laura; Chassot, P.; Vilà, Montserrat
openAccess2010Comparing naturalized alien plants and recipient habitats across an east–west gradient in the Mediterranean BasinArianoutsou, Margarita; Delipetrou, Pinelopi; Celesti-Grapow, Laura; Basnou, Corina; Bazos, Ioannis; Kokkoris, Yannis; Blasi, Carlo; Vilà, Montserrat
openAccess2010How well do we understand the impacts of alien species on ecosystem services? A pan-European, cross-taxa assessmentVilà, Montserrat; Basnou, Corina; Pyšek, Petr; Jossefson, Melanie; Genovesi, P.; Gollasch, S.; Nentwig, Wolfgang; Olenin, S.; Roques, Alain
openAccess2009One hundred of the most invasive species in EuropeVilà, Montserrat; Basnou, Corina; Gollasch, S.; Josefsson, M.; Pergl, Jan; Scalera, R.
openAccess2010Predicting plant invaders in the Mediterranean through a weed risk assessment systemGassó, Núria; Basnou, Corina; Vilà, Montserrat
openAccess2013Quantifying the landscape influence on plant invasions in Mediterranean coastal habitatsGónzalez-Moreno, Pablo; Carreras, David; Basnou, Corina; Fernández-Rebollar, Iván; Vilà, Montserrat