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openAccessNov-2008A neutral-niche theory of nestedness in mutualistic networksKrishna, Abhay; Guimarães, Paulo R.; Jordano, Pedro; Bascompte, JordiArtículo
openAccessJul-2007A probabilistic model of reserve designBascompte, Jordi; Luque, Bartolo; Olarrea, José; Lacasa, LucasArtículo
closedAccessApr-2001Aggregate Statistical Measures and Metapopulation DynamicsBascompte, JordiArtículo
openAccess2012Anticipating critical transitionsScheffer, M.; Carpenter, S.R.; Lenton, T. M.; Bascompte, Jordi; Brock, William A.; Dakos, Vasilis; Van De Koppel, J.; van de Leemput, I.A.; Levin, Simon A.; van Nes, Egbert H.; Pascual, M.; Vandermeer, J..Artículo
openAccessJan-1996Are Critical Phenomena Relevant to Large-Scale Evolution?Solé, Ricard V.; Bascompte, JordiArtículo
openAccess2013Assessing the robustness of networks of spatial genetic variationAlbert, Eva M.; Fortuna, Miguel A.; Godoy, José A.; Bascompte, JordiArtículo
closedAccessApr-2006Asymmetric Coevolutionary Networks Facilitate Biodiversity MaintenanceBascompte, Jordi; Jordano, Pedro; Olesen, Niels J.Artículo
openAccess30-Jun-2007Biology and MathematicsBascompte, JordiArtículo
openAccess20-Mar-2012Bitrophic interactions shape biodiversity in spaceJabot, F.; Bascompte, JordiArtículo
openAccessNov-2007Build-up mechanisms determining the topology of mutualistic networksGuimarães, Paulo R.; Machado, Glauco; Aguiar, Marcus A.M.; Jordano, Pedro; Bascompte, Jordi; Pinheiro, Aluisio; Furtado dos Reis, SergioArtículo
openAccessMar-1992Chaotic behaviour in simulated planctonik succesions, I: discrete temporal mapsBascompte, Jordi; Solé, Ricard V.; Valls, JoaquimArtículo
openAccessAug-1993Chaotic Turing structuresSolé, Ricard V.; Bascompte, JordiArtículo
openAccess2013Coevolution and the architecture of mutualistic networksNuismer, S.L.; Jordano, Pedro; Bascompte, JordiArtículo
openAccess2014Community-level demographic consequences of urbanization: An ecological network approachRodewald, Amanda; Rohr, Rudolf P.; Fortuna, Miguel A.; Bascompte, JordiArtículo
openAccessMar-2011Compartmentalization increases food-web persistenceStouffer, Daniel B.; Bascompte, JordiArtículo
openAccessAug-2009Compartments in a marine food web associated with phylogeny, body mass, and habitat structureRezende, Enrico L.; Albert, Eva M.; Fortuna, Miguel A.; Bascompte, JordiArtículo
openAccessNov-2002Complex networks: two ways to be robust?Melián, Carlos J.; Bascompte, JordiArtículo
embargoedAccess2014Components of phylogenetic signal in antagonistic and mutualistic networksRohr, Rudolf P.; Bascompte, JordiArtículo
openAccessOct-2010Conservation of species interaction networksTylianakis, Jason M.; Laliberté, Etienne; Nielsen, Anders; Bascompte, JordiArtículo
openAccess2015Critical slowing down as early warning for the onset of collapse in mutualistic communitiesDakos, Vasilis; Bascompte, JordiArtículo