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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccessJun-2010A revision of the X-ray absorption nature of BALQSOsStreblyanska, A.; Barcons, Xavier; Carrera, Francisco J.; Gil-Merino, R.
openAccess2010ALMA (Atacama Large Millimetre/ Submillimetre Array)Barcons, Xavier
openAccess2012Averaging the AGN X-ray spectra from deep Chandra fieldsFalocco, S.; Carrera, Francisco J.; Corral, Amalia; Laird, E.; Nandra, K.; Barcons, Xavier; Page, M. J.; Digby-North, J.
openAccessJul-2010Broad-band spectral properties of absorbed BLAGN from the 2XMMi-SDSS cataloguesStreblyanska, A.; Carrera, Francisco J.; Barcons, Xavier; Gil-Merino, R.
openAccess2013Chandra view of the warm-hot intergalactic medium toward 1ES 1553+113: Absorption-line detections and identifications. INicastro, F.; Barcons, Xavier; Paerels, F. B. S.
openAccessOct-2010El crecimiento del Universo: del Big Bang a nuestros díasBarcons, Xavier
openAccess30-Oct-2007El espectacular auge de la astronomía en EspañaBarcons, Xavier; Rodrigo Montero, Rafael
openAccess9-Aug-2005The energetic UniverseBarcons, Xavier
openAccess2008EURECA - A European-Japanese micro-calorimeter arrayKorte, Piet A. de; Anguita, José Virgilio; Barcons, Xavier; Briones Fernández-Pola, Fernando; Camón, Agustín; Carrera, Francisco J.; Ceballos, María Teresa; Fàbrega, Lourdes; González-Arrabal, Raquel; Parra-Borderías, María; Sesé, J.
openAccess2012Exploring X-ray and radio emission of type 1 AGN up to z ∼ 2.3Ballo, L.; Heras, F. J. H.; Barcons, Xavier; Carrera, Francisco J.
openAccess2010IXO, ALMA, E-ELTBarcons, Xavier
openAccess2012ORIGIN: metal creation and evolution from the cosmic dawnHerder, J. W. den; Barcons, Xavier; Ceballos, María Teresa; Mas-Hesse, J. Miguel
openAccessJul-2010Raiders of the missing baryonsBarcons, Xavier
openAccess2014Relativistic reflection in the average X-ray spectrum of active galactic nuclei in the Véron-Cetty and Véron catalogueFalocco, S.; Carrera, Francisco J.; Barcons, Xavier; Miniutti, G.; Corral, Amalia
openAccess30-Nov-2007Searching for the Missing Baryons in the Warm-Hot Intergalactic MediumBarcons, Xavier
openAccess2012Simultaneous X-ray and optical observations of true type 2 Seyfert galaxiesBianchi, Stefano; Panessa, Francesca; Barcons, Xavier; Carrera, Francisco J.; Corral, Amalia
openAccess8-Mar-2005Tentative detection of warm intervening gas towards PKS 0548-322 with XMM-NewtonBarcons, Xavier; Paerels, F. B. S.; Carrera, Francisco J.; Ceballos, María Teresa; Sako, M.
openAccess2010The search for young growing Super-Massive Black HolesBarcons, Xavier
openAccess2012The Suzaku X-ray spectrum of NGC 3147: Further insights on the best >true> Seyfert 2 galaxy candidateMatt, G.; Bianchi, Stefano; Guainazzi, M.; Barcons, Xavier; Panessa, Francesca
openAccess2012The X-ray luminous galaxies optically classified as star forming are mostly narrow line Seyfert 1 sCastelló-Mor, N.; Barcons, Xavier; Ballo, L.; Carrera, Francisco J.; Ward, M. J.; Jin, C.