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openAccessAblation of CBP in forebrain.pdf.jpg2011Ablation of CBP in forebrain principal neurons causes modest memory and transcriptional defects and a dramatic reduction of histone acetylation but does not affect cell viabilityValor, Luis Miguel; Pulopulos, Matias M.; Jiménez-Minchan, María; Olivares, Román; Lutz, Beat; Barco, Ángelartículo
openAccesscAMP response element-binding.pdf.jpg2011cAMP response element-binding protein is a primary hub of activity-driven neuronal gene expressionBenito, Eva; Valor, Luis Miguel; Jiménez-Minchan, María; Huber, Wolfgang; Barco, Ángelartículo
openAccessCBP.pdf.jpg2011CBP is required for environmental enrichment-induced neurogenesis and cognitive enhancementLópez-Atalaya, José P.; Ciccarelli, Alessandro; Viosca, José; Valor, Luis Miguel; Jiménez-Minchan, María; Canals Gamoneda, Santiago; Giustetto, Maurizio; Barco, Ángelartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2009Chronic enhancement of CREB activity in the hippocampus interferes with the retrieval of spatial informationViosca, José; Malleret, Gaël; Bourtchouladze, Rusiko; Benito, Eva; Svetlana, Vronskava; Kandel, Eric R.; Barco, Ángelartículo
openAccessCREB.pdf.jpgMay-2010CREB's control of intrinsic and synaptic plasticity: implications for CREB-dependent memory modelsBenito, Eva; Barco, Ángelartículo
openAccessEnhanced cAMP Response Element.pdf.jpg2012Enhanced cAMP response element-binding protein activity increases neuronal excitability, hippocampal long-term potentiation, and classical eyeblink conditioning in alert behaving miceGruart, Agnès; Benito, Eva; Delgado-García, José María; Barco, Ángelartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2009Enhanced CREB-dependent gene expression increases the excitability of neurons in the basal amygdala and primes the consolidation of contextual and cued fear memoryViosca, José; López de Armentia, Mikel; Jancic, Dragana; Barco, Ángelartículo
openAccessGenetic.pdf.jpg2011Genetic approaches to investigate the role of CREB in neuronal plasticity and memoryBarco, Ángel; Marie, Hélèneartículo
openAccessGerm line.pdf.jpg2009Germline expression of H-RasG12V causes neurological deficits associated to Costello syndromeViosca, José; Schuhmacher, Alberto J.; Guerra, Carmen ; Barco, Ángelartículo
openAccessHippocampal gene profiling.pdf.jpg2012Hippocampal gene profiling: Toward a systems biology of the hippocampusValor, Luis Miguel; Barco, Ángelartículo
openAccessHistone acetylation.pdf.jpg2012Histone acetylation deficits in lymphoblastoid cell lines from patients with rubinstein-Taybi syndromeLópez-Atalaya, José P.; Gervasini, Cristina; Mottadelli, Federica; Spena, Silvia; Piccione, Maria A.; Scarano, Gioacchino; Selicorni, Angelo; Barco, Ángel; Larizza, Lidiaartículo
openAccessInhibition.pdf.jpg2009Inhibition of cAMP response element-binding protein reduces neuronal excitability and plasticity, and triggers neurodegenerationJancic, Dragana; López de Armentia, Mikel; Valor, Luis Miguel; Olivares, Román; Barco, Ángelartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010La materia de los recuerdos: circuitos neuronales y cascadas moleculares.Barco, Ángelartículo
openAccessContrerasB_NatureComm_2014.pdf.jpgJul-2014Loss of neuronal 3D chromatin organization causes transcriptional and behavioural deficits related to serotonergic dysfunctionIto, Satomi; Magalska, Adriana; Alcaraz-Iborra, Manuel; López-Atalaya, Jose P.; Rovira, Víctor; Contreras-Moreira, Bruno  ; Lipinski, Michal; Olivares, Román; Martínez-Hernández, José; Ruszczycki, Blazej; Luján, Rafael; Geijo-Barrientos, Emilio; Wilczynski, Grzegorz M.; Barco, Ángelartículo
closedAccess2006Meeting on Memory and Related DisordersGasic, Gregory P.; Barco, Ángel; Ávila, Jesús ; Lerma Gómez, Juancomunicación de congreso
openAccessSelective.pdf.jpg2009Selective boosting of transcriptional and behavioral responses to drugs of abuse by histone deacetylase inhibitionSanchis-Segura, Carles; López-Atalaya, José P.; Barco, Ángelartículo
openAccesssynaptic capture review.pdf.jpg2008Synapse-specific stabilization of plasticity processes: The synaptic tagging and capture hypothesis revisited 10 years laterBarco, Ángel; López de Armentia, Mikel; Alarcón, Juan M.artículo
openAccessSyndromic.pdf.jpg2010Syndromic features and mild cognitive impairment in mice with genetic reduction on p300 activity: Differential contribution of p300 and CBP to Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome etiologyViosca, José; López-Atalaya, José P.; Olivares, Román; Eckner, Richard; Barco, Ángelartículo
openAccessUltrastructural.pdf.jpg2010Ultrastructural and transcriptional profiling of neuropathological misregulation of CREB functionValor, Luis Miguel; Jancic, Dragana; Luján, Rafael; Barco, Ángelartículo