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openAccessA fully automated approach for the analysis of 37 2 psychoactive substances in raw wastewater based on on-line 3 solid phase extraction-liquid chromatography-tandem mass 4 spectrometry.pdf.jpg16-Nov-2018A fully automated approach for the analysis of 37 psychoactive substances in raw wastewater based on on-line solid phase extraction-liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometryLópez-García, Ester ; Mastroianni, Nicola ; Postigo, Cristina  ; Barceló, Damià ; López de Alda, Miren  artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0111875.PDF.jpg2014A modified recombineering protocol for the genetic manipulation of gene clusters in Aspergillus fumigatusAlcazar-Fuolia, L.; Cairnsb, T.; Lopez, J.F.; Zonja, Bozo ; Pérez, Sandra ; Barceló, Damià ; Igarashi, Y.; Bowyer, P.; Bignell, E.artículo
embargoedAccessPreProof_HAZMAT_122794.pdf.jpg2020A new digestion approach for the extraction of microplastics from gastrointestinal tracts (GITs) of the common dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) from the western Mediterranean SeaSchirinzi, G.F.; Pedà, C.; Battaglia, P.; Laface, F.; Galli, M.; Baini, M.; Consoli, P.; Scotti, G.; Esposito, V.; Faggio, C.; Farré, Marinella ; Barceló, Damià ; Fossi, M. C.; Andaloro, F.; Romeo, T.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg3-Oct-2017A potential new threat to wild life: presence of UV filters in bird eggs from a preserved areaMolins-Delgado, Daniel; Mánez, M.; Andreu, Ana C. ; Hiraldo, F. ; Eljarrat, Ethel  ; Barceló, Damià ; Díaz-Cruz, M. Silvia artículo
closedAccess2010A rapid and sensitive analytical method for the determination of 14 pyrethroids in water samplesFeo, María Luisa ; Eljarrat, Ethel  ; Barceló, Damià artículo
embargoedAccessY Pico Reconnaissance 2021.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2021A reconnaissance study of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, perfluoroalkyl substances and organophosphorus flame retardants in the aquatic environment, wild plants and vegetables of two Saudi Arabia urban areas: Environmental and human health risk assessmentPicó, Yolanda; Campo, Julián ; Alfarhan, Ahmed H.; El-Sheikh, Mohamed A.; Barceló, Damià artículo
openAccess216_2019_2188_MOESM1_ESM.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2019A reliable LC-MS/MS-based method for trace level determination of 50 medium to highly polar pesticide residues in sediments and ecological risk assessmentBarbieri, Maria Vittoria; Postigo, Cristina  ; Monllor-Alcaraz, Luis Simón; Barceló, Damià ; López de Alda, Miren  artículo
embargoedAccess10.1016j.scitotenv.2020.143613.pdf.jpg11-Nov-2020A sustainable approach by using microalgae to minimize the eutrophication process of Mar Menor lagoonGil-Izquierdo, A.; Pedreño, M. A.; Montoro-García, S.; Tárraga-Martínez, M.; Iglesias, P.; Ferreres, F.; Barceló, Damià ; Núñez Delicado, E.; Gabaldón, J.A.artículo
embargoedAccessQuna Wang CSCEE -main.pdf.jpg2020Abundance and characteristics of microplastic in sewage sludge: A case study of Yangling, Shaanxi province, ChinaRen, X.; Sun, Y.; Wang, D.; Barceló, Damià ; Wang, Q.; Zhang, Z.; Zhang, Y.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg29-Jan-2018Accumulation and metabolism of ibuprofen by the annual herbaceous legume Vigna unguiculataPicó, Yolanda; Álvarez-Ruiz, R.; Wijaya, Leonard; Alfarhan, Ahmed; Alyemeni, Mohammed; Barceló, Damià comunicación de congreso
openAccess1-s2.0-S0160412013001220-main.pdf.jpg2013Accumulation of perfluoroalkyl substances in human tissuesPérez, Francisca; Nadal, M.; Navarro-Ortega, Alícia ; Fàbrega, F.; Domingo, J.L.; Barceló, Damià ; Farré, Marinella artículo
closedAccess2012Achievements and future trends in the analysis of emerging organic contaminants in environmental samples by mass spectrometry and bioanalytical techniquesFarré Urgell, Marinel.la; Kantiani, Lina ; Petrovic, Mira ; Pérez Solsona, Sandra ; Barceló, Damià artículo
closedAccess2009Achievements of the RIANA and AWACSS EU projects: Immunosensors for the determination of pesticides, endocrine disrupting chemicals and pharmaceuticalsRodríguez-Mozaz, Sara; López de Alda, Miren  ; Barceló, Damià artículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2015Acute toxicity of cypermethrin on the freshwater mussel Unio gibbusKhazri, Abdelhafidh; Sellami, Badreddine; Dellali, Mohamed; Corcellas, Cayo ; Eljarrat, Ethel  ; Barceló, Damià ; Mahmoudi, Ezzeddineartículo
closedAccess25-Jan-2007Advanced liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) methods applied to wastewater removal and the fate of surfactants in the environmentGonzález Blanco, Susana; Petrovic, Mira ; Barceló, Damià artículo
closedAccess22-Oct-2007Advanced mass spectrometric methods applied to the study of fate and removal of pharmaceuticals in wastewater treatmentRadjenovic, Jelena ; Petrovic, Mira ; Barceló, Damià artículo
closedAccess2010Advanced monitoring of pharmaceuticals and estrogens in the Llobregat River basin (Spain) by liquid chromatography–triple quadrupole-tandem mass spectrometry in combination with ultra performance liquid chromatography–time of flight-mass spectrometryLópez-Roldán, Ramón; López de Alda, Miren  ; Gros, Meritxell ; Petrovic, Mira ; Martín-Alonso, Jordi; Barceló, Damià artículo
closedAccess23-Oct-2007Advances in immunochemical technologies for analysis of organic pollutants in the environmentFarré Urgell, Marinel.la; Kantiani, Lina ; Barceló, Damià artículo
openAccessBarceló-Petrovic2015_Article_AdvancesInLCMSMSAnalysisOfEnvi.pdf.jpg2015Advances in LC-MS/MS analysis of environmental and food samplesBarceló, Damià ; Petrovic, Mira editorial
closedAccess18-Jan-2007Advantages and limitations of on-line solid phase extraction coupled to liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry technologies versus biosensors for monitoring of emerging contaminants in waterRodríguez-Mozaz, Sara; López de Alda, Miren  ; Barceló, Damià artículo