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closedAccess2010A rapid and sensitive analytical method for the determination of 14 pyrethroids in water samplesFeo, María Luisa; Eljarrat, Ethel; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccess2012Achievements and future trends in the analysis of emerging organic contaminants in environmental samples by mass spectrometry and bioanalytical techniquesFarré Urgell, Marinel.la; Kantiani, Lina; Petrovic, Mira; Pérez, Sandra; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccess2009Achievements of the RIANA and AWACSS EU projects: Immunosensors for the determination of pesticides, endocrine disrupting chemicals and pharmaceuticalsRodríguez-Mozaz, Sara; López de Alda, Miren; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg29-abr-2015Acute toxicity of cypermethrin on the freshwater mussel Unio gibbusKhazri, Abdelhafidh; Sellami, Badreddine; Dellali, Mohamed; Corcellas, Cayo; Eljarrat, Ethel; Barceló, Damià; Mahmoudi, EzzeddineArtículo
closedAccess25-ene-2007Advanced liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) methods applied to wastewater removal and the fate of surfactants in the environmentGonzález Blanco, Susana; Petrovic, Mira; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccess22-oct-2007Advanced mass spectrometric methods applied to the study of fate and removal of pharmaceuticals in wastewater treatmentRadjenovic, Jelena; Petrovic, Mira; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccess2010Advanced monitoring of pharmaceuticals and estrogens in the Llobregat River basin (Spain) by liquid chromatography–triple quadrupole-tandem mass spectrometry in combination with ultra performance liquid chromatography–time of flight-mass spectrometryLópez-Roldán, Ramón; López de Alda, Miren; Gros, Meritxell; Petrovic, Mira; Martín-Alonso, Jordi; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccess23-oct-2007Advances in immunochemical technologies for analysis of organic pollutants in the environmentFarré Urgell, Marinel.la; Kantiani, Lina; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccess18-ene-2007Advantages and limitations of on-line solid phase extraction coupled to liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry technologies versus biosensors for monitoring of emerging contaminants in waterRodríguez-Mozaz, Sara; López de Alda, Miren; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg30-abr-2015Aerobic activated sludge transformation of methotrexate: Identification of biotransformation productsKosjek, Tina; Negreira, Noelia; López de Alda, Miren; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccess2010An integrated study of endocrine disruptors in sediments and reproduction-related parameters in bivalve molluscs from the Biosphere’s Reserve of Urdaibai (Bay of Biscay)Puy-Azurmendi, Eunate; Ortiz-Zarragoitia, Maren; Kuster, Marina; Martínez, Elena; Guillamón, Míriam; Domínguez, Carmen; Serrano Gotarredona, Teresa; Barbero, Mari Carmen; López de Alda, Miren; Bayona Termens, Josep María; Barceló, Damià; Cajaraville, Miren P.Artículo
closedAccess2011Analysis and assessment of the occurrence, the fate and the behavior of nanomaterials in the environmentFarré Urgell, Marinel.la; Sanchís, Josep; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccess5-nov-2004Analysis and distribution of estrogens and progestogens in sewage sludge, soils and sedimentsKuster, Marina; López de Alda, Miren; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccess5-nov-2004Analysis and fate of surfactants in sludge and sludge-amended soilsPetrovic, Mira; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccess2010Analysis and occurrence of alkylphenolic compounds and estrogens in a European river basin and an evaluation of their importance as priority pollutantsBrix, Rikke; Postigo, Cristina ; González, Susana; Villagrasa, Marta; Navarro, Asunción; Kuster, Marina; López de Alda, Miren; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccess2010Analysis and occurrence of emerging brominated flame retardants in the Llobregat River basinGuerra, Paula; Eljarrat, Ethel; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg8-may-2015Analysis and occurrence of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in airborne particlesSalgueiro-González, Noelia; López De Alda, Miren J.; Muniategui-Lorenzo, Soledad; Prada-Rodríguez, Darío; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccess2010Analysis and occurrence of selected medium to highly polar pesticides in groundwater of Catalonia (NE Spain): An approach based on on-line solid phase extraction–liquid chromatography–electrospray-tandem mass spectrometry detectionPostigo, Cristina ; López de Alda, Miren; Barceló, Damià; Ginebreda Martí, Antoni; Garrido, Teresa; Fraile, JosepArtículo
openAccessPetrovic_Mira_et_al.pdf.jpgnov-2003Analysis and removal of emerging contaminants in wastewater and drinking waterPetrovic, Mira; González Blanco, Susana; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
closedAccess24-jul-2004Analysis by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry and acute toxicity evaluation for beta-blockers and lipid-regulating agents in wastewater samplesHernando, María Dolores; Petrovic, Mira; Fernández Alba, Amadeo R.; Barceló, DamiàArtículo