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openAccessPop_ChemComm_2016_editorial.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2016Anion size control of the packing in the metallic versus semiconducting chiral radical cation salts (DM-EDT-TTF)2XF6 (X = P, As, Sb)Pop, Flavia; Auban-Senzier, Pascale; Canadell, Enric ; Avarvari, Narcísartículo
embargoedAccessMroweh_JMatChemC_2019_postprint.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2019Chiral EDT-TTF precursors with one stereogenic centre: substituent size modulation of the conducting properties in the (R-EDT-TTF)2PF6 (R = Me or Et) seriesMroweh, Nabil; Auban-Senzier, Pascale; Vanthuyne, Nicolas; Canadell, Enric ; Avarvari, Narcisartículo
embargoedAccessMroweh_CrystGrowDes_2020_postprint.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2020Combining Chirality and Hydrogen Bonding in Methylated Ethylenedithio-Tetrathiafulvalene Primary Diamide Precursors and Radical Cation SaltsMroweh, Nabil; Pop, Flavia; Mézière, Cécile; Allain, Magali; Auban-Senzier, Pascale; Vanthuyne, Nicolas; Alemany, Pere; Canadell, Enric ; Avarvari, Narcisartículo
openAccessSahadevan_JAmerChemSoc_2018_postprint.pdf.jpg10-Sep-2018Conducting Anilate-Based Mixed-Valence Fe(II)Fe(III) Coordination Polymer: Small-Polaron Hopping Model for Oxalate-Type Fe(II)Fe(III) 2D NetworksSahadevan, Suchithra Ashoka; Abhervé, Alexandre; Monni, Noemi; Sáenz de Pipaón, Cristina; Galán Mascarós, José Ramon; Waerenborgh, Joao C.; Vieira, Bruno J. C.; Auban-Senzier, Pascale; Pillet, Sébastien; Bendeif, El-Eulmi; Alemany, Pere; Canadell, Enric ; Mercuri, Maria Laura; Avarvari, Narcisartículo
openAccessJeannin_ChemCom_2016_postprint.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2016Correlating conduction properties with the molecular symmetry: segregation of Z and E isomers in the charge-assisted, halogen-bonded cocrystal [(Z,E)-Me2I2TTF]2BrJeannin, Olivier; Canadell, Enric ; Auban-Senzier, Pascale; Fourmigué, Marcartículo
embargoedAccessElGhayoury_CrystGrowDes_2020_postprint.pdf.jpg6-May-2020Glycine Residue Twists HOMO···HOMO Interactions in a Molecular ConductorEl-Ghayoury, Abdelkrim; Mézière, Cécile; Simonov, Sergey; Zorina, Leokadiya; Auban-Senzier, Pascale; Alemany, Pere; Canadell, Enric ; Batail, Patrickartículo
openAccessBarnzea_JACS_2016-postprint.pdf.jpg11-May-2016Localization versus delocalization in chiral single component conductors of gold bis(dithiolene) complexesBranzea, Diana G.; Pop, Flavia; Auban-Senzier, Pascale; Clérac, Rodolphe; Alemany, Pere; Canadell, Enric ; Avarvari, Narcísartículo
openAccessFilatre_InorgChem_2016_postprint.pdf.jpg6-Jun-2016Single-Component Conductors: A Sturdy Electronic Structure Generated by Bulky SubstituentsFilatre-Furcate, Agathe; Bellec, Nathalie; Jeannin, Olivier; Auban-Senzier, Pascale; Fourmigué, Marc; Íñiguez, Jorge ; Canadell, Enric ; Brière, Benjamin; Ta Phuoc, Vinh; Lorcy, Dominiqueartículo
openAccessLeGal_JACS_2018_postprint.pdf.jpg6-Jun-2018Stable Metallic State of a Neutral-Radical Single-Component Conductor at Ambient PressureLe Gal, Yann; Roisnel, Thierry; Auban-Senzier, Pascale; Bellec, Nathalie; Íñiguez, Jorge ; Canadell, Enric ; Lorcy, Dominiqueartículo
openAccessSahadevan_InorgChem_2017_postprint.pdf.jpg16-Oct-2017Synthesis and Physical Properties of Purely Organic BEDT-TTF-Based Conductors Containing Hetero-/Homosubstituted Cl/CN-Anilate DerivativesSahadevan, Suchithra Ashoka; Monni, Noemi; Abherve, Alexandre; Auban-Senzier, Pascale; Canadell, Enric ; Mercuri, Maria Laura; Avarvari, Narcisartículo