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2009Arrays of dual nanomechanical resonators for selective biological detectionRamos Vega, Daniel; Arroyo-Hernández, María; Gil-Santos, Eduardo; Tong, Hien-Duy; van Rijn, Cees; Calleja, Montserrat; Tamayo, JavierArtículo
24-Jun-2011Catalytic growth of ZnO nanostructures by r.f. magnetron sputteringArroyo-Hernández, María; Álvaro, Raquel; Serrano, Sheila; Costa Krämer, José LuisArtículo
Nov-2010Kinetics of SH-ssDNA immobilization on gold coated cantilevers under electrochemical controlArroyo-Hernández, María; Martín-González, Marisol S.; Costa Krämer, José LuisArtículo
2009Stress and DNA assembly differences on cantilevers gold coated by resistive and e-beam evaporation techniquesArroyo-Hernández, María; Tamayo, Javier; Costa Krämer, José LuisArtículo
2014Structural modifications of gold thin films produced by thiol-derivatized single-stranded DNA immobilizationArroyo-Hernández, María; Švec, Martin; Rogero, Celia; Briones, Carlos; Martín-Gago, José A.; Costa Krämer, José LuisArtículo

Showing results 1 to 5 of 5