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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
17-Nov-2011Demographic history, genetic structure and gene flow in a steppe-associated raptor species.Garcia, Jesus T; Alda, Fernando; Terraube, Julien; Mougeot, Francois; Sternalski, Audrey; Bretagnolle, Vincent; Arroyo, BeatrizArtículo
Jul-2002Gamebird hunting and biodiversity conservation: synthesis, recommendations and future research prioritiesViñuela, Javier; Arroyo, BeatrizInforme Técnico
Apr-2012Hunting management in relation to profitability aims: red-legged partridge hunting in central SpainArroyo, Beatriz; Delibes, Miguel; Díaz-Fernández, Silvia; Viñuela, JavierArtículo
Jan-2002Impact of hunting management practices on biodiversityArroyo, Beatriz; Beja, PedroInforme Técnico
2013Mixed clutches in Montagu's harrier Circus pygargus nests: a maladaptive brood parasitism by galliform birdsTalabante, Carlos; Gómez, Jesús; Aparicio, Alejandro; Arroyo, BeatrizArtículo
2013Personal Reflections on Gary Bortolotti's Links with SpainArroyo, Beatriz; Negro, Juan J.; Blas, JulioArtículo
2001Reconciling Gamebird Hunting & Biodiversity (REGHAB)Viñuela, Javier; Arroyo, BeatrizPóster
2001REGHAB Project (Reconciling Gamebird Hunting and Biodiversity): Conclusions from Workshop I (Ciudad Real, 24-25 September 2001)Arroyo, Beatriz; Viñuela, JavierInforme Técnico
2002REGHAB Project (Reconciling Gamebird Hunting and Biodiversity): Conclusions from Workshop II (Aberdeen, 9-10 February 2002)Arroyo, BeatrizInforme Técnico
2002REGHAB Project (Reconciling Gamebird Hunting and Biodiversity): Conclusions from Workshop III (Amboise, 30-31 May 2002)Arroyo, Beatriz; Viñuela, JavierInforme Técnico
Jun-2002REGHAB Project (Reconciling Gamebird Hunting and Biodiversity): Conclusions that may have political application in the near futureViñuela, Javier; Arroyo, BeatrizInforme Técnico
13-Jul-2011Relationship between Hunting Management and Abundance of Birds of Conservation Concern in Small Games Estate in Central SpainArroyo, Beatriz; Estrada-Peña, Agustín; Delibes Mateos, Miguel; Díaz, S.; Casas, Fabián; Viñuela, JavierPóster
1-Apr-2013Sobre malvasías paquistaníes y otras consideracionesDíaz Esteban, Mario; Amat, Juan A.; Arroyo, Beatriz; Barba, Emilio; Merino, S.; Moreno, E.; Obeso, José Ramón; Velando, AlbertoTrabajo de divulgación
Jun-2002Towards a resolution of the raptor-grouse conflict in upland Britain - the application of decision modelling with stakeholdersRedpath, Steve; Arroyo, Beatriz; Leckie, F. M.; Bacon, P.; Bayfield, N.; Thirgood, S. J.; Gutiérrez, Rocky J.Informe Técnico

Showing results 1 to 14 of 14