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closedAccessJun-2010Altered expression of the lymphocyte activation antigen CD30 in active celiac diseasePeriolo, N.; Bernardo, David; Garrote, José Antonio ; Arranz, Eduardo artículo
openAccessAltered human gut.pdf.jpg2014Altered human gut dendritic cell properties in ulcerative colitis are reversed by Lactobacillus plantarum extracellular encrypted peptide STpAl-Hassi, Hafid O.; Mann, Elizabeth R.; Fernández-Salazar, Luis; Garrote, José Antonio ; Arranz, Eduardo ; Margolles Barros, Abelardo ; Knight, Stella C.; Bernardo, Davidartículo
openAccessAscorbate-dependent.pdf.jpg2012Ascorbate-dependent decrease of the mucosal immune inflammatory response to gliadin in coeliac disease patientsBernardo, David; Martínez-Abad, Beatriz; Vallejo-Díez, Sara; Montalvillo, Enrique; Benito, V.; Anta, B.; Fernández-Salazar, Luis; Blanco Quirós, Alfredo; Garrote, José Antonio ; Arranz, Eduardo artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Association of the IL-15 and IL-15Rα genes with celiac diseaseEscudero-Hernández, Celia; Plaza-Izurieta, Leticia; Garrote, José Antonio ; Bilbao, José Ramón; Arranz, Eduardo artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2008Celiac disease pathogenesis: the proinflammatory cytokine networkGarrote, José Antonio ; Gómez-González, Emma; Bernardo, David; Arranz, Eduardo artículo
openAccessC-C Motif.pdf.jpg2016Chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 2 mediates dendritic cell recruitment to the human colon but is not responsible for differences observed in dendritic cell subsets, phenotype, and function between the proximal and distal colonBernardo, David; Mann, Elizabeth R.; Montalvillo, Enrique; Fernández-Salazar, Luis; Garrote, José Antonio ; Al-Hassi, Hafid O.; Arranz, Eduardo ; Knight, Stella C.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2006Common variable immunodeficiency. Old questions are getting clearerBlanco Quirós, Alfredo; Garrote, José Antonio ; Arranz, Eduardo artículo
openAccess2012DC-SIGN/HLA-DR+ cells increased in coeliac duodenumMontalvillo, Enrique; García-Vallejo, Juan Jesús; Martínez-Abad, Beatriz; Vallejo-Díez, Sara; Escudero-Hernández, Celia; Garrote, José Antonio ; Arranz, Eduardo póster de congreso
openAccess8-Mer Gliadin.pdf.jpg2013Detection of specific IgA antibodies against a novel deamidated 8-Mer gliadin peptide in blood plasma samples from celiac patientsVallejo-Díez, Sara; Bernardo, David; Moreno, María de Lourdes; Muñoz-Suano, Alba; Fernández-Salazar, Luis; Calvo, Carmen; Sousa, Carolina; Garrote, José Antonio ; Cebolla, Ángel; Arranz, Eduardo artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016Differential immunomodulatory effects of Lactobacillus rhamnosus DR20, Lactobacillus fermentum CECT 5716 and Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis on monocyte-derived dendritic cellsMartínez-Abad, Beatriz; Garrote, José Antonio ; Bernardo, David; Montalvillo, Enrique; Escudero-Hernández, Celia; Vázquez, Enrique ; Rueda, Ricardo; Arranz, Eduardo artículo
openAccessFecalGluten.pdf.jpg2016Fecal gluten peptides reveal limitations of serological tests and food questionnaires for monitoring gluten-free diet in celiac disease patientsComino, Isabel; Marugán-Miguelsanz, J. M.; Garrote, José Antonio ; Fernández-Salazar, Luis; Arranz, Eduardo ; Montes-Cano, Marco-Antonio; Muñoz-Suano, Alba; Cebolla, Ángel; Sousa, Carolinaartículo
openAccessGenes and populations.pdf.jpg2012Genes and populations in susceptibility to celiac diseaseGarrote, José Antonio ; Arranz, Eduardo artículo
openAccessHuman colon-derived-Hevia.pdf.jpg13-Apr-2015Human colon-derived soluble factors modulate gut microbiota compositionHevia, Arancha ; Bernardo, David; Montalvillo, Enrique; Al-Hassi, Hafid O.; Fernández-Salazar, Luis; Garrote, José Antonio ; Arranz, Eduardo ; Knight, Stella C.; Margolles Barros, Abelardo ; Sánchez García, Borja artículo
openAccessegh.11.pdf.jpgJun-2011IL-15 modulates the effect of retinoic acid, promoting inflammation rather than oral tolerance to dietary antigensArranz, Eduardo ; Garrote, José Antonio artículo
openAccessIL-6 promotes.pdf.jpg2012IL-6 promotes immune responses in human ulcerative colitis and induces a skin-homing phenotype in the dendritic cells and Tcells they stimulateBernardo, David; Vallejo-Díez, Sara; Mann, Elizabeth R.; Al-Hassi, Hafid O.; Martínez-Abad, Beatriz; Montalvillo, Enrique; Fernández-Salazar, Luis; Garrote, José Antonio ; Arranz, Eduardo ; Knight, Stella C.artículo
openAccessCeliac Duodenum.pdf.jpg2015Increased intraepithelial Vα24 invariant NKT cells in the celiac duodenumMontalvillo, Enrique; Bernardo, David; Martínez-Abad, Beatriz; Allegretti, Yessica; Fernández-Salazar, Luis; Calvo, Carmen; Chirdo, Fernando G.; Garrote, José Antonio ; Arranz, Eduardo artículo
openAccess2012Increased protein production of IL-15 in adult coeliac disease patientsEscudero-Hernández, Celia; Vallejo-Díez, Sara; Martínez-Abad, Beatriz; Montalvillo, Enrique; Marugán, Manuel; Fernández-Salazar, Luis; Garrote, José Antonio ; Arranz, Eduardo póster de congreso
closedAccess2010Inmunología de la enfermedad celíacaArranz, Eduardo ; Garrote, José Antonio artículo
closedAccess2010Inmunología de la enfermedad celíaca: ¿qué debe saber el clínico?Arranz, Eduardo artículo
openAccessInterleucina-18.pdf.jpg2008Interleucina-18 (IL-18) y otros parámetros inmunológicos como marcadores de gravedad en la pancreatitis agudaMartín, Miguel Angel; Arranz, Eduardo ; Garrote, José Antonio ; Blanco, Anaartículo