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openAccess2010Application of CPT, an advanced DInSAR technique, to study surface displacement near Itoiz dam, Navarra, SpainFernández Torres, José; Arjona, Alicia; Prieto, M. A.; Santoyo, Miguel Ángel; Seco, Andrés; Monells Miralles, Daniel; Pallero, J. L. G.; Prieto, E.; Luzón, Francisco; Mallorquí Franquet, Jordi Joan
openAccess2010Deformation analysis employing the Coherent Pixel Technique and ENVISAT and ERS images in Canary IslandsMonells Miralles, Daniel; Arjona, Alicia; Fernández Torres, José; Duque Biarge, Sergio; Mallorquí Franquet, Jordi Joan
closedAccess2008DInSAR, GPS and gravity observation results in La Palma, Canary islandsFernández Torres, José; González Méndez, Pablo José; Camacho, Antonio G.; Rodríguez Velasco, Gema; Arjona, Alicia; Pallero, J. L. G.; Prieto, Juan Francisco; Perlock, Patricia A.; Tiampo, Kristy F.; Seco, Andrés; Aparicio, Alfredo; Rundle, J. B.
closedAccess2009Geodetic and structural research in La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain: 1992-2007 resultsPrieto, Juan Francisco; González Méndez, Pablo José; Seco, Andrés; Rodríguez Velasco, Gema; Tunini, Lavinia; Perlock, Patricia A.; Arjona, Alicia; Aparicio, Alfredo; Camacho, Antonio G.; Rundle, J. B.; Tiampo, Kristy F.; Pallero, J. L. G.; Pospiech, S.; Fernández Torres, José
openAccess2009Geometric form of volcanoes with a limited basedArjona, Alicia; Díaz, J. I.; Fernández Torres, José
openAccess2010On the applicability of an advanced DInSAR technique near Itoiz and Yesa reservoirs, Navarra, Spain.Arjona, Alicia; Santoyo, Miguel Ángel; Fernández Torres, José; Monells Miralles, Daniel; Prieto, Juan Francisco; Pallero, J. L. G.; Prieto, E.; Seco, Andrés; Luzón, Francisco; Mallorquí Franquet, Jordi Joan
closedAccess2008On the mathematical analysis of an elastic-gravitational layered Earth model for magmatic intrusion: the stationary caseArjona, Alicia; Díaz, J. I.; Fernández Torres, José; Rundle, J. B.
openAccess2009Structural results for La Palma island using 3-D gravity inversionCamacho, Antonio G.; Fernández Torres, José; González Méndez, Pablo José; Rundle, J. B.; Prieto, Juan Francisco; Arjona, Alicia