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openAccess2009Are dispersal-dependent behavioural traits produced by phenotypic plasticity?Meylan, Sandrine; Fraipont, M. de; Aragón Carrera, Pedro ; Vercken, Elodie; Clobert, JeanArtículo
openAccessSánchez-Fernándezetal2012_PLoS ONE Assessing the Congruence of Thermal Niche Estimations Derived from Distribution and Physiological data.pdf.jpg25-oct-2012Assessing the congruence of thermal niche estimations derived from distribution and physiological data. A Test Using Diving BeetlesSánchez-Fernández, David ; Aragón Carrera, Pedro ; Bilton, David T.; Lobo, Jorge M.  Artículo
openAccess2013Can we disentangle predator-prey interactions from species distributions at a macro-scale? A case study with a raptor species.Aragón Carrera, Pedro ; Sánchez-Fernández, David Artículo
openAccess2001Chemosensory recognition of familiar and unfamiliar conspecifics by lizards: implications of field spatial relationships between males.Aragón Carrera, Pedro ; López Martínez, Pilar ; Martín Rueda, José Artículo
openAccess2000Conspecific chemical cues influence pond selection of male newts Triturus boscaiAragón Carrera, Pedro ; López Martínez, Pilar ; Martín Rueda, José Artículo
openAccess2001Conspecific chemical cues influence settlement and retreat site selection in male lizards Lacerta monticolaAragón Carrera, Pedro ; López Martínez, Pilar ; Martín Rueda, José Artículo
openAccess2009Conspecific male chemical cues influence courtship behaviour in the male newt Lissotriton boscai.Aragón Carrera, Pedro Artículo
openAccess2003Differential avoidance responses to chemical cues from familiar and unfamiliar conspecifics by male Iberian rock lizards (Lacerta monticola).Aragón Carrera, Pedro ; López Martínez, Pilar ; Martín Rueda, José Artículo
openAccess2001Discrimination of conspecifics familiar and unfamiliar femoral gland secretions in Lacerta monticola cyreni males (Sauria: Lacertidae).Aragón Carrera, Pedro ; López Martínez, Pilar ; Martín Rueda, José Artículo
openAccess2012Dispersal ability modulates the strength of the latitudinal richness gradient in European beetles.Baselga, Andrés ; Lobo, Jorge M.  ; Svenning, Jens-Christian; Aragón Carrera, Pedro ; Araújo, Miguel B. Artículo
openAccess2006Dispersal status-dependent response to the social environment in the common lizard, Lacerta vivipara.Aragón Carrera, Pedro ; Meylan, Sandrine; Clobert, JeanArtículo
openAccesstemporal_bias_Aragon.pdf.jpg8-sep-2015Effects of temporal bias on the assessment of an ecological perturbation: a case study of the Prestige oil spillAragón Carrera, Pedro ; Sánchez-Fernández, David ; Abellán, Pedro ; Varela, Sara Artículo
openAccess2013Estimation of climatic favourable areas for locust outbreaks in Spain: integrating species’ presence records and spatial information on outbreaksAragón Carrera, Pedro ; Coca Abia, Milagro; Llorente, Vicenta; Lobo, Jorge M.  Artículo
openAccess2007Familiarity modulates social tolerance between male lizards, Lacerta monticola, with size asymmetry.Aragón Carrera, Pedro ; López Martínez, Pilar ; Martín Rueda, José Artículo
openAccessAragon_geographical_variation_reptile_journal.pone2014.pdf.jpg2014Geographical and temporal body size variation in a reptile: Roles of sex, ecology, phylogeny and ecology structured in phylogenyAragón Carrera, Pedro ; Fitze, Patrick S. Artículo
openAccess2010Global estimation of invasion risk zones for the western corn rootworm Diabrotica virgifera virgifera: integrating distribution models and physiological thresholds to assess climatic favourability.Aragón Carrera, Pedro ; Baselga, Andrés ; Lobo, Jorge M.  Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgjul-2017Global thermal niche models of two European grasses show high invasion risks in AntarcticaPertierra, L. R; Aragón Carrera, Pedro ; Shaw, J; Bergstrom, D. M.; Terauds, A; Olalla-Tárraga, M. A.Artículo
openAccess2006Global warming and positive fitness response in mountain populations of common lizards Lacerta vivipara.Chamaillé-Jammes, S.; Massot, M.; Aragón Carrera, Pedro ; Clobert, JeanArtículo
openAccess2010Human access and landscape structure effects on forest bird species richness - A case study in a fragmented area of the northern Tropical Andes.Aubad, J; Aragón Carrera, Pedro ; Rodríguez, Miguel A. Artículo
openAccess1998Iberian rock lizards (Lacerta monticola) assess conspecific information using composite signals from faecal pellets.López Martínez, Pilar ; Aragón Carrera, Pedro ; Martín Rueda, José Artículo