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closedAccess2018Beyond the beaten path: improving natural products bioprospecting using an eco-evolutionary framework - the case of the octocoralsLedoux, J. B. ; Antunes, Agostinhoartículo
closedAccess24-Oct-2016Bridging the gap between evolutionary and conservation biology: Postglacial range expansion shapes the spatial genetic structure of a habitat forming octocoralLedoux, J. B. ; Frleta-Valić, Maša ; Kipson, Silvija ; Antunes, Agostinho; Cebrian, Emma  ; Linares, Cristina ; Sánchez, Pablo  ; Leblois, Raphael; Garrabou, Joaquim  comunicación de congreso
openAccesspone.0119585.pdf.jpg2015Combining Genetic and Demographic Data for the Conservation of a Mediterranean Marine Habitat-Forming SpeciesArizmendi-Mejía, Rosana ; Linares, Cristina ; Garrabou, Joaquim  ; Antunes, Agostinho; Ballesteros, Enric  ; Cebrian, Emma  ; Díaz, David ; Ledoux, J. B. artículo
closedAccess29-Nov-2013Conservation biology of longlived marine species: what can we learn from population genetics studies?Ledoux, J. B. ; Mokhtar-Jamaï, Kenza; Pralong, Marine; Antunes, Agostinho; Aurelle, D.comunicación de congreso
closedAccessDec-2015Demographic responses to warming: reproductive maturity and sex influence vulnerability in an octocoralArizmendi-Mejía, Rosana ; Ledoux, J. B. ; Civit, Sergi; Antunes, Agostinho; Thanopoulou, Zoi; Garrabou, Joaquim  ; Linares, Cristina artículo
closedAccess6-Feb-2019Fine-scale spatial genetic structure in a temperate octocoral: insights into the eco-evolutionary processes underlying the population dynamics in the threatened Mediterranean red coralLedoux, J. B. ; Stipoljev, Suncica; Ruiz, Carlota; López-Sendino, P.  ; Montero-Serra, Ignasi ; Antunes, Agostinho; Linares, Cristina ; Royer, Jean-Philip; Drap, P.; Garrabou, Joaquim  comunicación de congreso
openAccessLedoux_et_al_2019_presentacion.pdf.jpg19-Aug-2018Integrating populations genetics in the management of Marine Protected Areas: complementary insights from the study of two habitat-forming octocorals in the Catalan SeaLedoux, J. B. ; Arizmendi-Mejía, Rosana ; Nebot, Elisabet; Antunes, Agostinho; López-Sanz, Àngel ; López-Sendino, P.  ; Montero-Serra, Ignasi ; Linares, Cristina ; Garrabou, Joaquim  presentación
closedAccessSep-2016Molecular Forensics into the Sea: How Molecular Markers Can Help to Struggle Against Poaching and Illegal Trade in Precious Corals?Ledoux, J. B. ; Antunes, Agostinho; Haguenauer, A.; Pratlong, Marine; Costantini, Federica; Abbiati, M.; Aurelle, D.capítulo de libro
closedAccess30-Oct-2014Population genetics of Paramuricea clavata (Risso. 1826) in the Eastern Adriatic Sea: implications for its conservation and managementFrleta-Valić, Maša ; Kipson, Silvija ; Linares, Cristina ; Cebrian, Emma  ; Antunes, Agostinho; Ledoux, J. B. comunicación de congreso
closedAccess30-Oct-2014Population genetics studies over contrasted spatial scales of two structural gorgonian species belonging to the coralligenous: state-of-the-art and conservation implicationsLedoux, J. B. ; Aurelle, D.; Arizmendi-Mejía, Rosana ; Frleta-Valić, Maša ; Linares, Cristina ; Mokhtar-Jamaï, Kenza; Pralong, Marine; Antunes, Agostinho; Garrabou, Joaquim  comunicación de congreso
closedAccess2018Postglacial range expansion shaped the spatial genetic structure in a marine habitat‐forming species: Implications for conservation plans in the Eastern Adriatic SeaLedoux, J. B. ; Frleta-Valić, Maša ; Kipson, Silvija ; Antunes, Agostinho; Cebrian, Emma  ; Linares, Cristina ; Sánchez, Pablo  ; Leblois, Raphael; Garrabou, Joaquim  artículo
embargoedAccess2019 Genomics 111-1720 vers aut.pdf.jpgDec-2019The Harderian gland transcriptomes of Caraiba andreae, Cubophis cantherigerus and Tretanorhinus variabilis, three colubroid snakes from CubaDomínguez-Pérez, Dany; Durbán, Jordi  ; Agüero-Chapin, Guillermin; Torres Lopez, Javier; Molina Ruiz, Reinaldo; Almeida, Daniela; Calvete, Juan J. ; Vasconcelos, Vítor; Antunes, Agostinhoartículo