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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2004A neutron–diffraction study of changes induced in aluminous cement paste by the application of external electric fieldsCastellote, M.; Turrillas, X.; Llorente, I.; Alonso, C.; Andrade, C.; Campo, J.
closedAccess1996A new insight on alkaline hydrolysis of calcium aluminate cement concrete: Part I. FundamentalsGoñi, S.; Andrade, C.; Sagrera, J. L.; Hernádez, M. S.; Alonso, C.
closedAccess2002A new leaching test based in a running water system to evaluate long-term water resistance of concretesVernet, C.; Alonso, C.; Andrade, C.; Castellote, M.; Llorente, I.; Hidalgo, A.
closedAccess1996A new method forin-situ measurement of electrical resistivity of reinforced concreteFeliú, S.; Andrade, C.; González, J. A.; Alonso, C.
closedAccess1995A reply to the discussion by L. Tang and L.-O. Nilsson of the paper “Calculation of chloride diffusivity in concrete from migration experiments in non-steady state conditions”Andrade, C.; Cervigón, D.; Recuero, A.; Río, O.
closedAccess2011Ab initio study of the cubic-to-hexagonal phase transition promoted by interstitial hydrogen in ironCastedo, A; Sánchez, Javier; Fullea, J.; Andrade, C.; Andrés, Pedro L. de
closedAccess31-Aug-2008Accelerated carbonation of cement pastes in situ monitored by neutron diffractionCastellote, M.; Andrade, C.; Turrillas, Xavier; Campo, Javier
closedAccess2003Accelerated leaching of ultra high performance concretes by application of electrical fields to simulate their natural degradationCastellote, M.; Llorente, I.; Andrade, C.; Alonso, C.
closedAccess2002Accelerated simultaneous determination of the chloride depassivation threshold and of the non-stationary diffusion coefficient valuesCastellote, M.; Andrade, C.; Alonso, C.
closedAccessJul-2008AFM study of the early corrosion of a high strength steel in a diluted sodium chloride solutionSánchez, Javier; Fullea, J.; Andrade, C.; Gaitero, Juan J.; Porro Gutiérrez, Antonio
closedAccess2011Ageing management program for the Spanish low and intermediate level waste disposal and spent fuel and high-level waste centralised storage facilitiesZuloaga, P.; Ordoñez, M.; Andrade, C.; Castellote, M.
closedAccessFeb-2001Alkaline leaching method for the determination of the chloride content in the aqueous phase of hardened cementitious materialsCastellote, M.; Alonso, C.; Andrade, C.; Castro-Borges, P.; Echeverría, M.
closedAccessJan-2011Analogue circuit of the inductive polarization resistanceMartínez Sierra, Isabel; Andrade, C.; Sánchez, C.; Rebolledo, Nuria
closedAccess2011Analysis of the relation between water and resistivity isotherms in concreteAndrade, C.; Bolzoni, F.; Fullea, J.
openAccess2009Análisis no destructivo del estado de degradación en morterobajo la acción de ciclos hielo-deshielosMenéndez, E.; Frutos, J. de; Andrade, C.
closedAccessOct-2008Application of EIS to cathodically protected steel: Tests in sodium chloride solution and in chloride contaminated concreteMartínez Sierra, Isabel; Andrade, C.
openAccess29-Jan-2008Aproximacion por simulacion ab-initio a la fragilizacion por hidrogeno en una red de hierro bccSánchez, Javier; Andres, P. L. de; Fullea, J.; Andrade, C.
closedAccess2010Assessment of electrophoresis and electroosmosis in construction materials: effect of enhancing electrolytes and heavy metals contaminationCastellote, M.; Botija, S.; Andrade, C.
closedAccess2002Avances en el modelado de la penetración de cloruros en estructuras de hormigón expuestas al ambiente marinoCastellote, M.; Andrade, C.; Alonso, C.
closedAccess2011Bases de proyecto para un tratamiento probabilista de los procesos de corrosión de la armadura en el hormigón armadoIzquierdo López, David; Andrade, C.