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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010Damaging Graphene with Ozone Treatment: A Chemically Tunable Metal−Insulator TransitionLeconte, Nicolás; Moser, Joel; Ordejón, Pablo; Tao, Haihua; Lherbier, Aurélien; Bachtold, Adrian; Alsina, Francesc; Sotomayor Torres, C. M.; Charlier, Jean-Christopher; Roche, StephanArtículo
10-Sep-2008Discriminating the carboxylic groups from the total acidic sites in oxidized multi-wall carbon nanotubes by means of acid–base titrationGonzález-Guerrero, Ana Belén; Mendoza Gómez, Ernest; Pellicer, Eva; Alsina, Francesc; Fernández Sánchez, César; Lechuga, Laura M.Artículo
2010Magnetotransport in disordered graphene exposed to ozone: From weak to strong localizationMoser, Joel; Tao, Haihua; Roche, Stephan; Alsina, Francesc; Sotomayor Torres, C. M.; Bachtold, AdrianArtículo
2011The morphology of graphene sheets treated in an ozone generatorTao, Haihua; Moser, Joel; Alsina, Francesc; Wang, Qiuyu; Sotomayor Torres, C. M.Artículo

Showing results 1 to 4 of 4