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openAccessAlcanivorax_strain.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2008Alcanivorax strain detected among the cultured bacterial community from sediments affected by the 'Prestige' oil spillAlonso-Gutiérrez, Jorge; Costa, M. M.; Figueras, Antonio; Albaigés Riera, Joan; Viñas, Marc; Solanas, Anna M.; Novoa, BeatrizArtículo
openAccessAlonso-Gutierrez_June-2011_JAM-AUTHOR.pdf.jpg2011Alkane-degrading properties of Dietzia sp. H0B, a key player in the Prestige oil spill biodegradation (NW Spain)Alonso-Gutiérrez, Jorge; Teramoto, M.; Yamazoe, A.; Harayama, S.; Figueras, Antonio; Novoa, BeatrizArtículo
openAccess3407.pdf.jpgJun-2009Bacterial communities from shoreline environments (Costa da Morte, Northwestern Spain) affected by the Prestige oil spillAlonso-Gutiérrez, Jorge; Figueras, Antonio; Albaigés Riera, Joan; Jiménez, N.; Viñas, Marc; Solanas, Anna M.; Novoa, BeatrizArtículo
closedAccessDec-2009Bacterioplankton composition of the coastal upwelling system of `Ría de Vigo', NW SpainAlonso-Gutiérrez, Jorge; Lekunberri, Itziar; Teira, Eva; Gasol, Josep M.; Figueras, Antonio; Novoa, BeatrizArtículo
openAccessJul-2005Chemical analysis and bacterial diversity associated to marine sediments affected by the “Prestige” oil-spillAlonso-Gutiérrez, Jorge; Jiménez, N.; Costa, M. M.; Novoa, Beatriz; Albaigés Riera, Joan; Solanas, Anna M.; Figueras, AntonioComunicación de congreso
openAccessJENVIRON_SCI_HEALTHA47_3_2012_420-427_zeolite particle size.pdf.jpg2012Evaluation of natural zeolite as microorganism support medium in nitrifying batch reactors: Influence of zeolite particle sizeMery, C.; Guerrero, Lorna; Alonso-Gutiérrez, Jorge; Figueroa, M.; Lema, J. M.; Montalvo, Silvio; Borja Padilla, Rafael Artículo
closedAccess2009Evidence of high individual diversity on myticin C in mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis)Costa, M. M.; Dios, S.; Alonso-Gutiérrez, Jorge; Romero, Alejandro; Novoa, Beatriz; Figueras, AntonioArtículo
openAccessTesis_Jorge_Alonso.pdf.jpg2009Metagenomic study of autochthonous bacterial communities at different marine ecosystems affected by the Prestige's oil spill in Galicia (NW-Spain). Biodegradation potentialAlonso-Gutiérrez, JorgeTesis
openAccessNodavirus infection.pdf.jpg2009Nodavirus infection of sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) induces up-regulation of Galectin-1 expression with potential anti-inflammatory activityPoisa Beiro, Laura; Dios, S.; Ahmed, Hafiz; Vasta, Gerardo R.; Martínez-López, Alicia; Estepa, Amparo; Alonso-Gutiérrez, Jorge; Figueras, Antonio; Novoa, BeatrizArtículo