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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2013Among- and within-population variation in flowering time of Iberian Arabidopsis thaliana estimated in field and glasshouse conditionsMéndez-Vigo, Belén; Gomaa, Nasr H.; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; Picó, F. Xavier
openAccess2013Arabidopsis semidwarfs evolved from independent mutations in GA20ox1, ortholog to green revolution dwarf alleles in rice and barley.Barboza, L.; Effgen, S.; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; Kooke, R.; Keurentjes, J. J.; Koornneef, M.; Alcazar, R.
closedAccess2010Arabidopsis thaliana as a model for the study of plant-virus co-evolutionPagán, Israel; Fraile, A.; Fernandez-Fueyo, Elena; Montes, N.; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; García-Arenal, Fernando
openAccess5-Feb-2014Deciphering the adjustment between environment and life history in anuals: lessons from a geographically- explicit approach in arabidopsis thalianaManzano-Piedras, Esperanza; Marcel, Arnald; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; Picó, F. Xavier
openAccess2009Demographic and Genetic Patterns of Variation among Populations of Arabidopsis thaliana from Contrasting Native EnvironmentsMontesinos-Navarro, Alicia; Tonsor, Stephen J.; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; Picó, F. Xavier
openAccess2009Differential tolerance to direct and indirect density-dependent costs of viral infection in Arabidopsis thaliana.Pagán, Israel; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; García-Arenal, Fernando
closedAccess2005Environmental regulation of floweringAusín, Israel; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; Martínez-Zapater, José M.
openAccessNov-2005Genetic and molecular analyses of natural variation indicate CBF2 as a candidate gene for underlying a freezing tolerance quantitative trait locus in ArabidopsisAlonso-Blanco, Carlos; Gómez-Mena, Concepción; Llorente, Francisco; Koornneef, Maarten; Salinas, Julio; Martínez-Zapater, José M.
closedAccessNov-2005Genetic and Molecular Analyses of Natural Variation Indicate CBF2 as a Candidate Gene for Underlying a Freezing Tolerance Quantitative Trait Locus in Arabidopsis1[w]Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; Gómez-Mena, Concepción; Llorente, Francisco; Koornneef, Maarten; Salinas, Julio; Martínez-Zapater, José M.
openAccess2012Genetic basis of adaptation in Arabidopsis thaliana: Local adaptation at the seed dormancy QTL DOG1Kronholm. I.; Picó, F. Xavier; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; Goudet, J.; Meaux, J.D.
openAccessDec-2009A high-density collection of EMS-induced mutations for TILLING in Landsberg erecta genetic background of ArabidopsisMartín, Beatriz; Ramiro, Mercedes; Martínez-Zapater, José M.; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos
openAccess15-Aug-2008Host responses in life-history traits and tolerance to virus infection in Arabidopsis thalianaPagán, Israel; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; García-Arenal, Fernando
closedAccess4-Oct-2012Natural arabidopsis brx loss-of-function alleles confer root adaptation to acidic soil.Gujas, B.; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; Hardtke, C.S.
closedAccess20-Aug-2008Natural genetic variation of Arabidopsis thaliana is geographically structured in the Iberian peninsulaPicó, F. Xavier; Méndez-Vigo, Belén; Martínez-Zapater, José M.; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos
closedAccess2-Mar-2010Natural variation for seed dormancy in Arabidopsis is regulated by additive genetic and molecular pathways.Bentsink, L.; Hanson, J.; Hanhart, C.J.; Blankestijn-De Vries, H.; Coltrane, C.; Keizer, P.; El-Lithy, M.; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; De Andrés, M.T.; Reymond, M., et al
openAccess2015Natural Variation Identifies ICARUS1, a Universal Gene Required for Cell Proliferation and Growth at High Temperatures in Arabidopsis thalianaZhu, Wangsheng; Ausin, Israel; Seleznev, Andrei; Méndez-Vigo, Belén; Picó, F. Xavier; Sureshkumar, Sridevi; Sundaramoorthi, Vignesh; Bulach, Dieter; Powell, David; Seemann, Torsten, et al
closedAccess28-Mar-2011Natural variation in stomatal abundance of Arabidopsis thaliana includes cryptic diversity for different developmental processes.Delgado, D.; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; Fenoll, Carmen; Mena, M.
openAccess2012Novel natural alleles at FLC and LVR loci account for enhanced vernalization responses in arabidopsis thalianaSánchez-Bermejo, E.; Méndez-Vigo, Belén; Picó, F. Xavier; Martínez-Zapater, José M.; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos
closedAccess15-Apr-2009PEP1 regulates perennial flowering in Arabis alpinaWang, Renhou; Farrona, Sara; Vincent, Coral; Joecker, Anika; Schoof, Heiko; Turck, Franziska; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; Coupland, George; Albani, Maria C
closedAccess2007Quantitative genetic analysis of flowering time in tomatoJiménez Gómez, J. M.; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; Borja, Alicia; Anastasio, G; Angosto Trillo, Trinidad; Lozano, Rafael; Martínez-Zapater, José M.