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openAccess2015Cerebrospinal fluid from Alzheimer's disease patients contains fungal proteins and DNA (Review)Alonso, Ruth ; Pisa, Diana ; Rábano, Alberto; Rodal, Izaskun; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
openAccessCarrasco Luis Different Brain.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2015Different Brain Regions are Infected with Fungi in Alzheimer’s DiseasePisa, Diana ; Alonso, Ruth ; Rábano, Alberto; Rodal, Izaskun; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
openAccess2015Direct visualization of fungal infection in brains from patients with Alzheimer's diseasePisa, Diana ; Alonso, Ruth ; Juarranz, Ángeles; Rábano, Alberto; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
openAccessCarrascoL_FungalEnolaseB-TubulinAndChitin.pdf.jpg7-Nov-2016Fungal enolase, ß-tubulin, and chitin are detected in brain tissue from Alzheimer's disease patientsPisa, Diana ; Alonso, Ruth ; Rábano, Alberto; Horst, Michael N.; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Fungal infection in cerebrospinal fluid from some patients with multiple sclerosisPisa, Diana ; Alonso, Ruth ; Jiménez-Jiménez, Félix Javier; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
openAccessCarrascoL_HumanAndMicrobial.pdf.jpg29-Jun-2018Human and Microbial Proteins from Corpora Amylacea of Alzheimer's DiseasePisa, Diana ; Alonso, Ruth ; Marina, Anabel ; Rábano, Alberto; Carrasco, Luísartículo
openAccessCarrascoL_InfectionOfFungi.pdf.jpg24-May-2018Infection of fungi and bacteria in brain tissue from elderly persons and patients with Alzheimer's diseaseAlonso, Ruth ; Pisa, Diana ; Fernández-Fernández, Ana M.; Carrasco, Luísartículo
openAccessCarrascoL_PolymicrobialInfectionsInBrain.pdf.jpg17-Jul-2017Polymicrobial Infections in Brain Tissue from Alzheimer's Disease PatientsPisa, Diana ; Alonso, Ruth ; Fernández-Fernández, Ana M.; Rábano, Alberto; Carrasco, Luísartículo