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openAccessJ. insec t.pdf.jpg2002A high concentration of glucogallin, the common precursor of hydrolyzable tannins, does not deter herbivoresAlonso, Conchita ; Ossipova, S.; Ossiipov, V.Artículo
openAccessmay-2012A piece of the puzzle: a method for comparing pollination quality and quantity across multiple species and reproductive eventsAlonso, Conchita ; Herrera, Carlos M. ; Ashman, Tia-LynnArtículo
openAccessAoB13388_revised.pdf.jpg2013Among-species differences in pollen quality and quantity limitation: Implications for endemics in biodiverse hotspotsAlonso, Conchita ; Navarro-Fernández, Carmen M.  ; Arceo-Gómez, G.; Meindl, G.A.; Parra-Tabla, Víctor ; Ashman, Tia-LynnArtículo
openAccessjun-2011Back-and-Forth hermaphroditism: phylogenetic context of reproductive system evolution in subdioecious Daphne laureolaAlonso, Conchita ; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccessentomol.pdf.jpg1997Choosing a place to grow. Importance of within-plant abiotic microenvironment for Yponomeuta mahalebellaAlonso, Conchita Artículo
openAccess2017Delimiting plant diversity that is functionally related via interactions with diurnal pollinators: An expanded use of rarefaction curvesAlonso, Conchita ; Arceo-Gómez, G.; Meindl, G.A.; Abdala-Roberts, L.; Parra-Tabla, Víctor ; Ashman, Tia-LynnArtículo
openAccessago-2003Developmental and spatial covariation of nutrients in growing leaves of Daphne laureola and their relationships with herbivoryAlonso, Conchita ; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccessbasic.pdf.jpg2012Disturbance-dependent spatial distribution of sexes in a gynodioecious understory shrubCastilla, Antonio R. ; Wiegand, Thorsten; Alonso, Conchita ; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccessanals.pdf.jpg2004Early blooming's challenges: Extended flowering season, diverse pollinator assemblage and the reproductive success of gynodioecious Daphne laureolaAlonso, Conchita Artículo
openAccessAlonso.et.al.2007.Ann.Bot.pdf.jpg12-oct-2007Ecological Context of Breeding System Variation: Sex, Size and Pollination in a (Predominantly) Gynodioecious ShrubAlonso, Conchita ; Mutikainen, Pia; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccessRichards_et_al-2017-Ecology_Letters.pdf.jpg2017Ecological plant epigenetics: Evidence from model and non-model species, and the way forwardRichards, Christina L.; Alonso, Conchita ; Becker, Claude; Bossdorf, Oliver; Bucher, Etienne; Colomé-Tatché, Maria; Durka, Walter; Engelhardt, Jan; Gaspar, Bence; Gogol-Döring, AndreasArtículo
openAccessNPH-RAP-2016-21227_Final.pdf.jpg2016Epigenetic contribution to successful polyploidizations: variation in global cytosine methylation along an extensive ploidy series in Dianthus broteri (Caryophyllaceae)Alonso, Conchita ; Balao, Francisco; Bazaga, Pilar ; Pérez, Ricardo Artículo
closedAccessjun-2011Exploring local borders of distribution in the shrub Daphne laureola: Individual and populations traitsCastilla, Antonio R. ; Alonso, Conchita ; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccessExtreme_2006.pdf.jpg1-abr-2006Extreme intraplant variation in nectar sugar composition in an insect-pollinated perennial herbHerrera, Carlos M. ; Pérez, Ricardo ; Alonso, Conchita Artículo
closedAccess2005Gender dimorphism and altitudinal variation of secondary compounds in leaves of the gynodioecious shrub Daphne laureolaAlonso, Conchita ; Pérez, Ricardo ; Nieto, Pedro M.  ; Delgado-Martín, J. Artículo
openAccessmay-2012Genetic structure of the shrub Daphne laureola across the Baetic Ranges, a Mediterranean glacial refugium and biodiversity hotspotCastilla, Antonio R. ; Alonso, Conchita ; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccesscastilla et al. 2012.pdf.jpg2012Genetic structure of the shrub Daphne laureola across the Baetic Ranges, a Mediterranean glacial refugium and biodiversity hotspotCastilla, Antonio R. ; Alonso, Conchita ; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccess2017Global cytosine methylation, genetic markers (AFLP) and epigenetic markers (MSAP) in 15 maternal plants of the shrub Lavandula latifolia (Lamiaceae) and their offspringHerrera, Carlos M. ; Alonso, Conchita ; Medrano, Mónica ; Pérez, Ricardo ; Bazaga, Pilar Dataset
openAccessfgene-06-00004.pdf.jpg2015Global DNA cytosine methylation as an evolving trait: phylogenetic signal and correlated evolution with genome size in angiospermsAlonso, Conchita ; Pérez, Ricardo ; Bazaga, Pilar ; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccessalonso.pdf.jpg2003Herbivores do not discriminate between leaves of female and hermaphrodite individuals of gynodioecious Daphne laureola (Thymelaeaceae)Alonso, Conchita Artículo