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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccessDec-2011Altitudinal and Climatic Adaptation Is Mediated by Flowering Traits and FRI, FLC, and PHYC Genes in ArabidopsisMéndez-Vigo, Belén; Picó, F. Xavier; Ramiro, Mercedes; Martínez-Zapater, José M.; Alonso, Carlos
closedAccess2013Analysis of calcium-induced conformational changes in calcium-binding allergens and quantitative determination of their IgE binding properties.Parody, Nuria; Fuertes, Miguel Angel; Alonso, Carlos; Pico de Coaña, Yago
openAccess9-Feb-2004Cell-cycle-dependent translation of histone mRNAs is the key control point for regulation of histone biosynthesis in Leishmania infantumSoto, Manuel; Iborra, Salvador; Quijada, Luis; Folgueira Fernández, Cristina; Alonso, Carlos; Requena Rolanía, José María
openAccess2012Characterization of an immunodominant antigenic epitope from Trypanosoma cruzi as a biomarker of chronic Chagas' disease pathologyThomas, M. Carmen; Fernández-Villegas, A.; Carrilero, Bartolomé; Marañón, Concepción; Saura, Daniel; Noya, Óscar; Segovia, Manuel; Alarcón de Noya, Belkisyolé; Alonso, Carlos; López, Manuel Carlos
openAccess2-Jan-2014Cross-protective effect of a combined L5 plus L3 Leishmania major ribosomal protein based vaccine combined with a Th1 adjuvant in murine cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasisRamírez, Laura; Corvo, Laura; Duarte, Mariana C.; Chávez-Fumagalli, Miguel A.; Valadares, Diogo G.; Santos, Diego M.; Oliveira, Camila I. de; Escutia, Marta R.; Alonso, Carlos; Bonay, Pedro, et al
closedAccess2013Detection and chronology of parasitic kinetoplast DNA presence in hair of experimental Leishmania major infected BALB/c mice by Real Time PCRIniesta, Virginia; Belinchón-Lorenzo, Silvia; Soto, Manuel; Muñoz-Madrid, Rubén; Monroy, Isabel; Baz, Victoria; Gómez-Luque, Adela; Parejo, Juan Carlos; Alonso, Carlos; Gómez Nieto, Carlos, et al
closedAccess2013Detection of Leishmania infantum kinetoplast minicircle DNA by Real Time PCR in hair of dogs with leishmaniosisBelinchón-Lorenzo, Silvia; Iniesta, Virginia; Parejo, Juan Carlos; Fernández-Cotrina, Jesús; Muñoz-Madrid, Rubén; Soto, Manuel; Alonso, Carlos; Gómez Nieto, Luis Carlos
openAccessDec-1999Empirical validation of a two-state kinetic model for the B-Z transition of double-stranded poly[d(G-m 5 C)]Fuertes, Miguel Angel; González, Víctor Manuel; Pérez, José Manuel; Alonso, Carlos
closedAccess2013Evaluation of immune responses and analysis of the effect of vaccination of the Leishmania major recombinant ribosomal proteins L3 or L5 in two different murine models of cutaneous leishmaniasisRamírez, Laura; Santos, Diego M.; Souza, Ana P.; Coelho, Eduardo A. F.; Barral, Aldina; Alonso, Carlos; Escutia, Marta R.; Bonay, Pedro; Oliveira, Camila I. de; Soto, Manuel
closedAccess2013Experimental model for reproduction of canine visceral leishmaniosis by Leishmania infantumFernández-Cotrina, Jesús; Iniesta, Virginia; Belinchón-Lorenzo, Silvia; Muñoz-Madrid, Rubén; Serrano F.; Parejo, Juan Carlos; Gómez-Gordo, L.; Soto, Manuel; Alonso, Carlos; Gómez Nieto, Luis Carlos
closedAccess31-Aug-2011H-ras and N-ras are dispensable for T-cell development and activation but critical for protective Th1 immunityIborra, Salvador; Soto, Manuel; Castellano, Esther; Alarcón, Balbino; Alonso, Carlos; Santos de Dios, Eugenio
openAccess2010Identificación, mediante el método SELEX, de secuencias de DNA con capacidad de unión a la proteína NL1Tc de T. cruzi con actividad endonucleasaRojas Ruiz, Beatriz; Thomas, María del Carmen; González Muñoz, Víctor; Alonso, Carlos; López López, Manuel Carlos
openAccess30-Jun-2011Identification of an hepatitis delta virus-like ribozyme at the mRNA 5′-end of the L1Tc retrotransposon from Trypanosoma cruziSánchez-Luque, Francisco J.; López, Manuel C.; Macias, Francisco; Alonso, Carlos; Thomas, M. Carmen
closedAccess2012Inhibition of Bacillus subtilis natural competence by a native, conjugative plasmid-encoded comK repressor proteinSingh, Praveen Kumar; Ramachandran, Gayetri; Durán-Alcalde, Lucía; Alonso, Carlos; Wu, Ling Juan; Meijer, Wilfried J.J.
closedAccess4-Dec-2011Introns form Compositional Clusters in Parallel with the Compositional Clusters of the Coding Sequences to Which they PertainFuertes, Miguel A.; Pérez, José M.; Zuckerkandl, Emilie; Alonso, Carlos
openAccess21-May-2009Key role of the 3' untranslated region in the cell cycle regulated expression of the Leishmania infantum histone H2A genes: minor synergistic effect of the 5' untranslated regionAbánades, Daniel R.; Ramírez, Laura; Iborra, Salvador; Soteriadou, Ketty; González, Víctor Manuel; Bonay, Pedro; Alonso, Carlos; Soto, Manuel
closedAccess2012Modulation of the humoral response to dermatophagoides pteronyssinus allergens in BALB/c mice by extract modification and adjuvant usePico de Coaña, Yago; Carnes, J.; Gallego, M. Teresa; Alonso, Carlos; Parody, Nuria
closedAccess2012Notes on ostreopsis sp. from southern-central coast of CubaMoreira, Ángel; Rodríguez, Francisco; Riobó, Pilar; Franco, José M.; Martínez, Noelia; Chamero, Donaida; Alonso, Carlos
closedAccess2013Spanish regulatory approach for BiobankingArias-Díaz, Javier; Martín-Arribas, María C.; García del Pozo, Javier; Alonso, Carlos
openAccess7-Oct-2009Specific serodiagnosis of canine visceral leishmaniasis using Leishmania species ribosomal protein extracts.Coelho, Eduardo A. F.; Ramírez, Laura; Costa, Mariana A. F.; Coelho, Vinicio T. S.; Martins, Vivian T.; Chávez-Fumagalli, Miguel A.; Oliveira, Dulcilene M.; Tavares, Carlos A. P.; Bonay, Pedro; Gómez Nieto, Carlos, et al