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Nov-2006Incommensurate modulated structure of the ferromagnetic shape-memory Ni2MnGa martensite.Righi, Lara; Albertini, Franca; Calestani, Gianluca; Pareti, Luigi; Paoluzi, Antonio; Ritter, C.; Algarabel, Pedro A.; Morellón, Luis; Ibarra, M. RicardoArtículo
15-May-2001Magnetoelastic effects and magnetic anisotropy in Ni2MnGa polycrystalsAlbertini, Franca; Morellón, Luis; Algarabel, Pedro A.; Ibarra, M. RicardoArtículo
2011Reverse magnetostructural transitions by Co and in doping NiMnGa alloys: Structural, magnetic, and magnetoelastic propertiesAlbertini, Franca; Serrate, David; Algarabel, Pedro A.Artículo

Showing results 1 to 3 of 3