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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2013A bayesian spatial approach for predicting seagrass occurrenceMarch, David; Alós, Josep; Cabanellas-Reboredo, Miguel; Infantes, Eduardo; Jordi, Antoni; Palmer, Miquel
closedAccessOct-2010A new approach to estimate fishing mortality based in the angler behaviour and catchabilityAlós, Josep; Cabanellas-Reboredo, Miguel
closedAccess2010Abundance patterns of the toxic phytoplankton in coastal waters of the Balearic Archipelago (NW Mediterranean Sea): A multivariate approachPuigserver, M.; Monerris, N.; Pablo, Josep; Alós, Josep; Moyà, Gabriel
openAccess2012Consistent Selection towards Low Activity Phenotypes When Catchability Depends on Encounters among Human Predators and FishAlós, Josep; Palmer, Miquel; Arlinghaus, Robert
openAccess2014Consistent size-independent harvest selection on fish body shape in two recreationally exploited marine speciesAlós, Josep; Palmer, Miquel; Linde-Medina, Marta; Arlinghaus, Robert
openAccess2013Contrasting Fish Behavior in Artificial Seascapes with Implications for Resources ConservationKoeck, Barbara; Alós, Josep; Caro, Anthony; Neveu, Reda; Crechriou, Romain; Saragoni, Gilles; Lenfant, Philippe
closedAccess2012Diel behaviour and habitat utilisation by the pearly razorfish during the spawning seasonAlós, Josep; Cabanellas-Reboredo, Miguel; Lowerre-Barbieri, Susan
closedAccess2009Diet and physiological responses of Spondyliosoma cantharus (Linnaeus, 1758) to the Caulerpa racemosa var. cylindracea invasionBox Centeno, Antonio; Deudero Company, María de la Salud; Sureda, Antoni; Blanco, Andreu; Alós, Josep; Terrados, Jorge; Grau, Antoni Maria; Riera, Francisco
closedAccess2008Effects of hook size and barbless hooks on hooking injury, catch per unit effort, and fish size in a mixed-species recreational fishery in the western Mediterranean SeaAlós, Josep; Palmer, Miquel; Grau, Antoni Maria; Deudero Company, María de la Salud
closedAccessAug-2011Enhanced self-recruitment in a highly exploited sedentary marine fish population: how plausible is fishing-induced evolution?Catalán, Ignacio Alberto; Alós, Josep; Palmer, Miquel; Álvarez-Ellacuria, Itziar; Jordi, Antoni; Basterretxea, Gotzon
closedAccess2012Environmental effects on recreational squid jigging fishery catchesCabanellas-Reboredo, Miguel; Alós, Josep; Palmer, Miquel; Morales-Nin, Beatriz
closedAccess2012Experimental acoustic telemetry experiment reveals strong site fidelity during the sexual resting period of wild brown meagre, Sciaena umbraAlós, Josep; Cabanellas-Reboredo, Miguel
closedAccess1-Aug-2011Fish mobility and vulnerability to angling of marine sedentary fish: A simulation experimentPalmer, Miquel; Alós, Josep
openAccess2010Fishery assessment of the European squid Loligo vulgaris in NW Mediterranean: one of the species in CONFLICT projectCabanellas-Reboredo, Miguel; Alós, Josep; Valls, Maria; March, David; Palmer, Miquel; Morales-Nin, Beatriz; Guerra, Ángel
closedAccess2011Functional changes due to invasive species: Food web shifts at shallow Posidonia oceanica seagrass beds colonized by the alien macroalga Caulerpa racemosaDeudero Company, María de la Salud; Box Centeno, Antonio; Alós, Josep; Arroyo, N. L.; Marbà, Núria
closedAccess2008High levels of organochlorine pollutants in the tunids Thunnus thynnus and Thunnus alalunga at the Balearic IslandsDeudero Company, María de la Salud; Alós, Josep; Calvo, Mònica; Caixach, Josep
openAccess2013Home range and diel behavior of the ballan wrasse, Labrus bergylta, determined by acoustic telemetryVillegas-Ríos, David; Alós, Josep; March, David; Palmer, Miquel; Mucientes, Gonzalo; Saborido-Rey, Fran
closedAccess2013Impacts of partial marine protected areas on coastal fish communities exploited by recreational anglingAlós, Josep; Arlinghaus, Robert
closedAccess2010Individual growth pattern and variability in Serranus scriba (Linnaeus, 1758): a Bayesian analysisAlós, Josep; Palmer, Miquel; Balle, Salvador; Grau, Antoni Maria; Morales-Nin, Beatriz
openAccess2010Individual variability and sex-related differences in the growth of Diplodus annularis (Linnaeus, 1758)Alós, Josep; Palmer, Miquel; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre; Morales-Nin, Beatriz