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closedAccessD_Aguirre_J_Envir_Quality.pdf.jpg3-Jul-2014A Molecular Fingerprint Technique to Detect Pollution-Related Changes in River Cyanobacterial DiversityRodríguez, Virgina; Aguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Loza, Virginia; Perona, Elvira; Mateo, Pilarartículo
openAccessD_Aguirre_J_Gastr_Hepatol.pdf.jpg3-Jul-2014Application of numerical ecology methods to microarray data reveals obscured patterns in the muosa-associated microbial community of the human colorectumAguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Cuív, Páraic Ó; Wang, Tianfang; Reverter, T.; Worthley, Daniel; Whitehall, Vicki L. J.; Klaassens, Eline S.; Kang, Seungha; Denman, Stuart E.; Young, G.; Leggett, Barbara; McSweeney, Christopher; Morrison, Markartículo
openAccessAlcami A Biodivertisity and distribution.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2015Biodiversity and distribution of polar freshwater DNA virusesAguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; López-Bueno, Alberto ; Pearce, David A.; Alcamí, Antonio artículo
openAccessD_Aguirre_App_Envi_Micro.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2014Changes in Bacterial Populations and in Biphenyl Dioxygenase Gene Diversity in a Polychlorinated Biphenyl-Polluted Soil after Introduction of Willow Trees for RhizoremediationAguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Martín, Marta ; Karlson, Ulrich; Rivilla, Rafaelartículo
openAccessAguirre_et_al_2016.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2016Composition and Interactions among Bacterial, Microeukaryotic, and T4-like Viral Assemblages in Lakes from Both Polar ZonesAguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Pedrós-Alió, Carlos ; Pearce, David A.; Alcamí, Antonio artículo
openAccessAlcamíA_CompositionAndInteractionsAmongBacterial.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2016Composition and interactions among bacterial, microeukaryotic, and T4-like viral assemblages in lakes from both polar zonesAguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Pedrós-Alió, Carlos ; Pearce, David A.; Alcamí, Antonio artículo
openAccessAguirre de Carcer D Considering external.pdf.jpg2015Considering external information to improve the phylogenetic comparison of microbial communities: A new approach based on constrained Double Principal Coordinates Analysis (cDPCoA)Dray, Stepahne; Pavoine, S.; Aguirre de Cárcer, Daniel artículo
openAccessAlcamía_EcosystemFunctionDecaysByFungal.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2016Ecosystem function decays by fungal outbreaks in Antarctic microbial matsVelázquez, David; López-Bueno, Alberto ; Aguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Ríos, Asunción de los  ; Alcamí, Antonio ; Quesada, Antonioartículo
openAccessD_Aguirre_Envi_Micro.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2014Efficient rhizosphere colonization by Pseudomonas fluorescens f113 mutants unable to form biofilms on abiotic surfacesBarahona, Emma; Navazo, Ana; Yousef-Coronado, Fátima; Aguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Martínez-Granero, Francisco; Espinosa-Urgel, Manuel; Martín, Marta ; Rivilla, Rafaelartículo
openAccessD_ Aguirre_de_Cárcer_Tesis.pdf.jpg3-Jul-2014Estudio de los efectos causados por la introducción de sistemas de rizorremediación en las poblaciones bacterianas nativas de un suelo contaminado por PCBsAguirre de Cárcer, Daniel tesis doctoral
openAccessAlcamiA_EvaluationofViralGenome.pdf.jpg18-Nov-2014Evaluation of viral genome assembly and diversity estimation in deep metagenomesAguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Angly, Florent; Alcamí, Antonio artículo
openAccessD_Aguirre_Inflamm_Bowel_Dis.pdf.jpg3-Jul-2014Highlighting new phylogenetic specificities of Crohn’s disease microbiotaMondot, S.; Kang, Seungha; Furet, J. P.; Aguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; McSweeney, Christopher; Morrison, Mark; Marteau, Philippe; Doré, J.; Leclerc, M.artículo
openAccessAlcamíA_InfectionWithDiverseImmune-Modulating.pdf.jpg10-Mar-2017Infection with diverse immune-modulating poxviruses elicits different compositional shifts in the mouse gut microbiomeAguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Hernáez, Bruno ; Rastrojo, Alberto ; Alcamí, Antonio artículo
openAccessD_Aguirre_App_Micro_Biotech.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2014Microbial community differences between propionate-fed microbial fuel cell systems under open and closed circuit conditions.Aguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Ha, Phuc Yhi; Jang, Jae Kyung; Chang, In Seopartículo
openAccessD_Aguirre_Poster.pdf.jpg3-Jul-2014Microbiome shifts with 6-Thioguanine provide insights about IBD and its treatmentAguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Oancea, Iulia; Das, I.; McGuckin, Michael A.; Duley, J.; Morrison, Mark; Florin, T.póster de congreso
openAccessD_Aguirre_ISME_Journal.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2014Muramidases found in the foregut microbiome of the Tammar wallaby can direct cell aggregation and biofilm formationPope, Phillip B.; Totsika, Makrina; Aguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Schembri, Mark A.; Morrison, Markartículo
openAccessD_Aguirre_ISME_Journal.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2014Numerical ecology validates a biogeographical distribution and gender-based effect on mucosa-associated bacteria along the human colonAguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Cuív, Páraic Ó; Wang, Tingtin; Kang, Seungha; Worthley, Daniel; Whitehall, Vicki L. J.; Gordon, Iain; McSweeney, Christopher; Leggett, Barbara; Morrison, Markartículo
openAccessD_Aguirre_App_Env_Micro.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2014Polychlorinated Biphenyl Rhizoremediation by Pseudomonas fluorescens F113 Derivatives, Using a Sinorhizobium meliloti nod System To Drive bph Gene ExpressionVillacieros, Marta; Whelan, Clare; Mackova, Martina; Molgaard, Jesper; Sánchez-Contreras, María; Lloret, Javier; Aguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Oruezábal, Roke I.; Bolaños, Luis; Macek, Thomas; Karlson, Ulrich; Dowling, David N.; Martín, Marta ; Rivilla, Rafaelartículo
openAccessD_Aguirre_App_Env_Micro.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2014Strategy for Modular Tagged High-Throughput Amplicon SequencingAguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Denman, Stuart E.; McSweeney, Christopher; Morrison, Markartículo
openAccessD_Aguirre_App_Env_Micro.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2014Strategy for Modular Tagged High-Throughput Amplicon Sequencing Evaluation of Subsampling-Based Normalization Strategies for Tagged High-Throughput Sequencing Data Sets from Gut MicrobiomesAguirre de Cárcer, Daniel ; Denman, Stuart E.; McSweeney, Christopher; Morrison, Markartículo